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Elaine Park is a college student as well as an aspiring actress and musician. She was 20 years old when she disappeared and is estimated to be 24 as of the publishing date. One storey indicates Elaine was born on 24 September 1996.
Elaine Park went missing on January 28, 2017. She was 5’5″ tall and weighed 125 pounds at the time of her abduction. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and her hair was waist-length with golden tips when she was last seen. She is of Asian/Korean heritage, and she was 20 years old at the time of her abduction.
This month’s missing people case is one of the most recent instances we’ve covered here at the Morbid Library — meaning the material is fresh, the investigation is continuing, and you may be able to help. So. After purportedly experiencing a panic attack, a young woman with dreams of Hollywood fled onto the streets of Calabasas. The sole indication of her came later that day, when her automobile was found dead on a neighbouring road. What happened to Elaine Park? Let’s explore.
There are various ideas concerning what happened to Elaine Park. The private investigator engaged by the Park family indicated that his study of Elaines disappearance pointed towards foul play. The Glendale Police department also noted that the way Elaines car was found was quite strange, although they cannot rule foul play in or out simply because they don’t have any proof. So what happened to Elaine?
Security video reveals Elaine Park’s final known movements on the evening of 27 January and the early hours of 28 January. A licence plate scanner also records her Honda Civic licence plate at 6.07am. These are the last photographs of Elaine saw before her disappearance.
This is the eleventh piece of a multi-part series in the investigation of Elaine Park’s disappearance.
I would want to clarify again that these are merely speculations and speculation, and nobody knows precisely what happened to Elaine Park.
Elaine Park dreamt of being an actress. Her affinity for theatre was widely known. And a career in the business didn’t seem far off for Elaine as she won tiny roles or guest appearances in various TV series and films.

Some of Elaine Park’s acting credits include ER, Desperate Housewives, Role Models, Mad TV, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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