Difference between Clinical and Registered Psychologists

At Inner Psych, we are often faced with the question “What is the difference between registered psychologists and clinical psychologists?”  before booking our clients’ online counseling sessions. Having both types of psychologists on our team it would make it easier for you to choose your service. Since we have both of them we thought it would be easier for you to make a decision for your psychology services.


A psychologist can be understood as a mental health professional who is trained in studying how humans behave, think and feel. They do this by reading someone’s body language, listening to their choice of words, observing how the individual relates to other people and different situations, and finally all of these actions to provide them with a diagnosis. You will see psychologists in all kinds of fields like sports, marketing and communication, justice and correction, commercials fields, and many more.


So what is the difference between “Registered” and “Clinical” psychologists?


Registered Psychologists Clinical Psychologists
  1. They have a minimum of 6 years of experience.
  1. They have a further 2 years of training in the area of clinical psychology getting them to a minimum of 8 years of experience.
  1. Their studies teach them to diagnose a more varied number of concerns.
     2. Their studies are more focused on “Clinical” psychology. Apart from their practice, they are also involved in research.


Whichever psychologist service you decide to go ahead with, it is important to note that both types of psychologists would provide you with the same quality when it comes to the care for their patients and the ethical behavior conducted during the counseling session. All the psychologists in Australia are registered with the Australian board of psychology whether they are Registered psychologists or Clinical psychologists. Both types of psychologists are highly experienced and will provide expert service and therapy.


Inner Psych is a telehealth clinic with a team of psychologists highly experienced in their fields and ready to help you out with any problems you might be facing. We understand that starting therapy might feel like a big move in your life, but we are here for you.


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