Diamond Tennis Bracelet Buying Tips

Tennis bracelets are elegant diamond bracelets that enfold around the wrist. Although they often look similar to one another, there are a couple of elements that help differentiate between medium-quality and high-quality tennis bracelets. Thus, you will want to ensure you make the perfect choice when purchasing your diamond tennis bracelet.

Each tennis bracelet carries a different set of diamonds in different styles to provide you with numerous options when buying one. The quality of each diamond piece in a tennis bracelet set also differs from other sets. For sure, they have different carat weights, clarity, and color.

Diamond quality is an essential feature when selecting a tennis bracelet. It will determine how brilliant and sparkling your bracelet will be later in the future. 

Therefore, whether you’re looking for what to consider when buying a diamond tennis bracelet or want some ideas on how to get a perfect quality diamond tennis bracelet, having the basic knowledge of diamonds will save you!

This article covers the top 5 expert-proven tips to help you when shopping for your diamond tennis bracelet. But before we jump right into it, let’s examine what a tennis bracelet is.

What Is A Tennis Bracelet?

Now, a diamond tennis bracelet is a wristlet that contains small gems or diamonds coupled with a thin, valuable metal chain. As a piece of stylish jewelry, tennis bracelets are typically made of 14K or 18K platinum, gold, or sterling silver.

Initially, tennis bracelets were known as “line diamond bracelets” – a name still occasionally used today. A diamond tennis bracelet is extraordinarily flexible and can be comfortably worn, even during athletics or exercise.

Simply put, a diamond tennis bracelet is a classy, sparkling line of diamonds encircling the wrist and pleasing the eye. Now, let’s highlight the tips that can help you get the most when buying diamond tennis bracelets.

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You need the best value when shopping for your diamond tennis bracelet or any diamond jewelry for that matter. Below are five tips to bear in mind when buying your diamond tennis bracelet.

1.   Choose Cut and Clarity

The most vital factors when getting diamonds are cut and clarity. Often, good-cut diamond bracelets will shine magnificently and look beautiful around your wrist. Clarity measures how many inclusions are present in the diamond. So you should prefer the one that is clear and has little or no inclusions.

Nevertheless, as much as the diamond’s clarity in a tennis bracelet is essential, the color grade and cut quality are crucial to getting a glittering bracelet. It’s best to get a tennis bracelet with bright diamonds.

As such, any imperfections or blemishes affecting the clarity will not be visible to the naked eye. Ultimately, this can help cut costs without affecting the bracelet’s visual beauty. Also, the diamond’s size does matter for clarity grades, as it’s easier to see any imperfections in bigger diamonds than the same clarity grade on a smaller diamond.

2.   Consider the Uniformity of the Diamonds

The diamond’s uniformity in a tennis bracelet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering acquiring one, but it definitely makes a considerable difference. As a tennis bracelet can have nearly 55 diamonds, it’s crucial to ensure that each one appears the same to the naked eye without standing out from the rest.

As the diamonds in a tennis bracelet are small in person carat weight, it could cost more than the bracelet itself to certify each diamond and to certify the entire bracelet. This is the reason each diamond has to look uniform as there is no assurance they will have the same clarity grade with being uniform.

3.   Choose the Right Bracelet Size

It is easier to determine the size of a bracelet than a ring size. So, diamond tennis bracelets are not supposed to be outsized, too loose, or too tight on your wrist. The best is that they should fit smartly around your wrist so the diamond line looks lovely and endless.

The typical length of these bracelets ranges from 6 to 7 and a half inches. You can take your wrist measurement by using a piece of string or use a flexible tape measure and evaluate this with a ruler. Keep in mind to add 1 or two inches for the perfect fit. With that, the bracelet should fit comfortably on your wrist.

After measuring your wrist, you can consider the diamond’s size more closely. We recommend you go for a diamond size that matches your wrist size. Nobody wants to look like they are wearing an extra-large blingy piece or that the diamonds look skinny rather than elegant.

However, you should also consider your preferences. If you’re into simple designs, thin tennis bracelets will be more suitable to your tastes. But, if you like a statement piece, then a stunning statement piece striking tennis bracelet will suit your preference.

4.   Avoid Low-Quality Diamonds

When it comes to diamond quality, particularly if you are shopping for wedding jewelry, such as wedding rings for women, wedding day diamonds, proposal rings, solitaire jewel, solitaire engagement rings, solitaire wedding rings, diamond wedding bands, or any other bridal pieces of jewelry, quality is essential.

 When it comes to stuff like this it’s not just a ring but wedding bands that are held in high esteem. Therefore, avoid low quality as they will make the jewelry look less attractive and downgrading for those that wear it. We recommend buying diamond bracelets with these qualities:

  • Diamond color: High diamond color is very crucial for the bracelet’s look, so ensure to pick one from the high trio: D E F.
  • Diamond Clarity: Tennis Bracelets are a vital jewelry box staple and should be decorated with clean and stunning diamonds. We suggest buying them in one of the following qualities according to your finances: SI1, VS2, VS2, VVS1, VVS2.

5.   Consider the Bracelet’s Carat Weight

The more carats diamond tennis bracelets are, the bigger and more costly the bracelet will be. However, you don’t have to feel pressured into spending huge amounts of money — a tennis bracelet doesn’t necessarily have to be excessively big and flamboyant to look attractive. Just select the one that suits your budget and style without compromising on quality.


Diamond tennis bracelets are gorgeous jewelry pieces usually given for holidays, anniversaries, and significant events. Just like other jewelry, getting a tennis bracelet for yourself or someone else as a gift can be a little intimidating. But, the interesting thing about a tennis bracelet is that the length is easy to adjust as a jeweler can remove or add a link to get an ideal size.

Also, tennis bracelets are available in rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, and a large range of other valuable metals. There are various different styles to select from. Just include diamonds in the equation and it’s easy to look fabulous. Although it’s hard for a buyer to know how to determine the exact prices for a tennis bracelet.

We suggest checking various tennis bracelets to know which styles and settings are most pleasing to you.

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