Certified Managers Must Set a Personal Example

Every certified manager knows that Occam’s Razor is a principle that can be summed up in the words: “when there are many explanations for a problem, the simplest is usually the right one.” Ironically, both in life and in business, people often approach all issues in exactly the opposite way, underestimating the power of simplicity.

I remember in high school the English teacher asked us how we could summarize the 10 commandments of God in one sentence. Several of my classmates gave complex and lengthy answers that were far from satisfying him. When he finally pointed me out, I said, “Treat others the way you would treat yourself.” He liked that answer.

Now imagine that you need to summarize the essence of leadership in one sentence. Does anything come to mind? I will tell you, this is something we all do many times in our lives. The answer is, “Set a personal example.” That is all. There is no need for more complicated explanations. Whether you are a certified project manager, HR manager, or product manager, you need to set a personal example. That is why your certification is not just a document. Reference: BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager.

If the boss comes to work on time, his employees will not be late. The same is true in full force and the opposite direction. The leader is the one who sets the tone in the team or the organization as a whole. People follow both the good examples set by their leaders and the bad ones.

Here are some things you shouldn’t do as a leader if you don’t want to set a bad example for your employees:

Complain constantly

No one likes to work in a negative environment, especially when the source of negativity is his boss. People expect to receive inspiration, guidance, advice, and hope from their leaders. In his book, How to Make Friends and Influence Others, Dale Carnegie puts it best: “Every fool can criticize, judge, and resent, and most do.” However, it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving, “he wrote.

To criticize without encouragement

We all make mistakes, but the way you deal with them determines your maturity as a leader. Destructive criticism has one effect – it kills the motivation and desire to work for employees, even when they are the only ones who hear them. Instead, the leader needs to know how to give constructive criticism – to assess the strengths and qualities of his employees and give them guidance on how they can improve their performance. Praise and recognition are things that everyone craves. Successful leaders take advantage of this fact by offering useful feedback.

Do not listen to others

Henry Ford knew very well that listening was one of the most valuable qualities a leader possessed. There were many people on the board of directors of his car company who did not share his opinion on many issues. He did not want to be surrounded only by people who agreed with his every word, but by those who represented different points of view. Listening is a quality that many people neglect. However, leaders cannot afford it, because otherwise, they will not be leaders for long.

Certified project managers are determined

Every certified project manager must have the ability to make decisions quickly. Reference: PM.MBA, (Best Project Management Certifications and Courses for 2022). Indecision is a killer of productivity, as the slightest delay can completely turn the day on busy teams. When a leader demonstrates determination, he shows his employees that he has a plan and that he knows which way to go. Even if the follow-up turns out to be wrong when you are determined you have enough time to adjust the course.

Do not take responsibility

As a leader, you are always the last resort. If you are not ready to take responsibility for your own mistakes or those made by your organization, you are setting a dangerous example. By encouraging the shifting of blame and avoidance of responsibility, you create a toxic work environment that rewards not those who do well but those who can lie and manipulate. Read about Blue world city.

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