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Boston-based company Notarize has recently raised $130 million in its Series D funding round, with Canapi Ventures leading the investment. Other investors in the funding round include Alphabet’s CapitalG, Citi Ventures, and Wells Fargo.

The remote online notarization platform has seen increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to become a leading platform for this service. With this new influx of capital, Notarize plans to expand its product offerings and scale operations.

The company is focused on revolutionizing the notarization process by providing a convenient and secure way for individuals and businesses to get their documents notarized remotely. As more people seek freedom from traditional methods of document signing, Notarize is poised to become a game-changer in the industry.

Notarize Raises $130 Million in Series D Funding Round

Notarize, a Boston-based company that offers remote online notarization services, has successfully raised $130 million in its latest series D funding round to further expand its business operations and capabilities.

This significant investment is expected to have a great impact on the legal industry as it paves the way for remote notarization technologies to become more widely accepted and integrated into various legal processes.

With this substantial funding, Notarize is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of notarization technology by providing innovative solutions that promote efficiency, accessibility, and security in document authentication.

As such, this development marks a major milestone in the journey towards greater freedom and convenience for individuals seeking accurate and reliable legal services.

Canapi Ventures Leads Funding Round for Remote Online Notarization Platform

The funding round for a remote online notarization platform was recently led by Canapi Ventures, highlighting the growing interest in digital solutions for notarial services. This investment signifies the potential of technology to revolutionize traditional legal practices and make them more efficient and accessible. The platform, which is designed to allow users to sign and notarize documents remotely through API integration, has enormous implications for businesses and individuals alike. However, there are also important legal implications associated with this emerging technology that must be carefully considered in order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. As such, it is essential that stakeholders work together to develop effective policies and procedures to support the use of remote online notarization platforms while safeguarding against any potential risks or challenges.

Increased Demand for Remote Notarization During COVID-19 Pandemic

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for remote notarization services as people adapt to social distancing measures.

Remote notarization benefits include convenience and accessibility, as it eliminates the need for individuals to physically meet with a notary public.

However, this shift towards digital transactions presents challenges for the legal industry, particularly regarding authentication and security concerns.

To address these issues, policymakers must establish guidelines that balance both accessibility and security in remote notarization processes.

As technology continues to advance, it is important for the legal industry to adapt to new methods of conducting business while ensuring the protection of individuals’ rights and interests.

Other Investors Include Alphabet’s CapitalG, Citi Ventures, and Wells Fargo

Several prominent investors, including Alphabet’s CapitalG, Citi Ventures, and Wells Fargo, have expressed interest in supporting Boston-based start-up Marchann Azevedo’s remote notarization platform.

This comes amidst the increasing demand for remote online notarization during the COVID-19 pandemic and the company’s aim to become a leading platform.

The investment strategy of these major players in the financial industry signals confidence in Notarize’s ability to expand its services further.

However, as remote notarization is still a relatively new practice, questions about its legality may arise.

Despite this, with such significant support from influential investors, Notarize seems poised to continue making waves in the industry and revolutionizing traditional methods of notarization.

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Notarize Plans to Expand Product Offerings and Scale Operations

Boston start-up Notarize is responding to the growing demand for remote online notarization by gearing up to expand its product offerings and scale operations.

The company aims to enhance its platform’s features, such as adding new documents that can be signed electronically, integrating with more third-party services, and improving the user experience.

Additionally, Notarize plans to increase its workforce and customer base to strengthen its market position in the digital notary industry.

With the increasing popularity of remote online notarization due to the pandemic, Notarize’s plan for product expansion and operational scaling is a timely move that could further boost the company’s growth potential.

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Company Aims to Become Leading Platform for Remote Online Notarization

Notarize has set its sights on becoming the top platform for remote online notarization. Building upon plans to expand its product offerings and scale operations, the Boston-based company is focused on enhancing customer experience through a variety of platform features.

Notarize believes that by making notarization more accessible and streamlined, it can help people exercise their freedom to conduct transactions without being tied down by physical location or scheduling constraints. To achieve this goal, the company aims to prioritize three key areas: improving user interface design, developing new collaboration tools for businesses and organizations, and increasing accessibility through mobile integration.

With these enhancements in place, Notarize hopes to revolutionize the way we approach notarization services and empower individuals with greater flexibility in their daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Notarize compare to traditional notarization methods in terms of cost and efficiency?

Through the use of technology, Notarize offers a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional notarization methods. This anachronistic approach provides a convenient solution for those seeking efficient and accessible document authentication.

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What security measures does Notarize have in place to ensure the authenticity of documents?

Notarize employs several security protocols to verify the authenticity of documents, including multi-factor authentication and identity verification. Additionally, Notarize uses video recordings of notarial acts as evidence and stores all documents securely in encrypted form.

How does Notarize handle confidential information during the notarization process?

During notarization, Notarize employs strict confidentiality protocols to ensure the safe handling of sensitive information. These measures include encryption and secure storage, as well as background checks for notaries to ensure their trustworthiness.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the types of documents that can be notarized through Notarize?

The legal requirements for remote notarization allow for a wide range of documents to be notarized through Notarize, with limitations varying by state. However, certain types of documents like wills may require in-person notarization.

What kind of customer support does Notarize offer to users, and how can they be reached if needed?

To ensure customer satisfaction, Notarize offers comprehensive and easily accessible support services. Users can reach out via phone, email, or live chat for prompt assistance with any issues they encounter.


Notarize, a Boston-based remote online notarization platform, has raised $130 million in a Series D funding round led by Canapi Ventures. This funding round also includes investments from Alphabet’s CapitalG, Citi Ventures, and Wells Fargo.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in demand for remote notarization services, leading to Notarize expanding its product offerings and scaling operations. With this significant investment, Notarize plans to become the leading platform for remote online notarization.

The company aims to offer secure and convenient solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative strategies, they seek to redefine the industry standard for notary services.

As people continue to adapt to new ways of conducting business remotely due to the pandemic, Notarize is poised for success with their innovative approach. Their commitment towards providing seamless customer experience is what sets them apart from traditional notary services.

In conclusion, Notarize’s successful funding round reflects investors’ confidence in their ability to revolutionize how important documents are authenticated and signed securely online—anachronistic revolutionizing!

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