Assure Your PRIZE In KBC Helpline wide variety(0019197097959)

Affirming your prize is simple. This desk indicates wherein you may guarantee one-of-a-kind award degrees. We advocate that players touch the KBC Helpline Number India range case community of their space, or name (0019197097959), for a definitely long time of interest and to be sure they have got all of the fundamental information previous making a journey to Austin or any Texas Lottery guarantee consciousness. Kindly permit 4 a month and a half for claims that are sent in to be handled.

Prizes Claimed through Mail

Prizes of 1 to 5,000,000 rupees may likewise be guaranteed through the mail. The KBC Texas Lottery fee should observe claims over a selected sum for country warrant holds revealing. As a result, Indian citizens and Resident aliens are anticipated to give a Social security/Tax identification range to guarantee prizes of at least 25 and require a case shape for coping with.

Guarantee shape

You could:

  • Finish up a claim shape on the web and print for postal mailing,
  • Send us an email to call for a shape,
  • Visit your close by the store for a structure, or
  • Name us (0019197097959).

Even as calling, composing, or messaging us for a KBC structure, ensure to contain your call, postage information, and a daylight hours cellphone quantity with vicinity code.

Mailing commands

Assuming that you guarantee your award through KBC mail, kindly signal and mail your ticket. Prizes of at least 25 likewise require a case shape for managing.

Mail your case to:

  • Texas Lottery commission
  • Danger of misfortune stays with the petitioner while mailing tickets.

Cutoff instances for Claiming Prizes

A price ticket holder relinquishes any case to an award for a draw game after the termination of the hundred and eightieth day following the draw date, and for a scratch price tag recreation after the lapse of the 180th day following the authority “KBC” nevertheless up in the air with the aid of the fee. These cutoff instances are probably stretched out for some time certainly “qualified” military personnel. Assuming which you be given you are “qualified,” you may touch KBC Head Office Number (0019197097959). Claims challenge pertinent guidelines, guidelines, techniques, and ultimate conclusions of the government Director.

Good enough identity

Legitimate recognizable evidence characterized as one of the accompanying records or combination of reports:

  • The extensive kingdom gave motive force’s License with picture
  • The valid country gave temporary motive force’s License with photograph
  • The sizable state gave Identification Card with picture
  • The considerable transient kingdom gave Identification Card with photograph
  • Tremendous u.S.A. Veteran’s or navy identity or clinical Card with photograph
  • The huge brief nation gave driving force’s License (no picture) or transient state gave identity Card (no picture) AND one of the accompanying:
  • Understudy Identification Card (with photo) – superior education (no secondary faculty IDs)
  • Authorities subsidized retirement Card (precise no duplicates)
  • The terminated kingdom gave motive force’s License (with picture)
  • The terminated nation gave Identification Card (with image)
Assertion of Naturalization
  • Start certificates (unique or certified reproduction) AND one of the accompanying:
  • Understudy Identification Card (with the photograph) – superior training (no secondary faculty IDs)
  • Government-subsidized retirement Card (precise no duplicates)
  • The terminated kingdom gave motive force’s License (with the photograph)
  • The terminated kingdom gave an Identification Card (with image)
  • Legitimate Passport (with the photograph)
  • Occupant Alien identification, Employment Authorization, Border Crossing Card (with photo) or Consulate Card given in the u.S.
Brief Claims

Comply with these trustworthy DOs and DON’Ts for fast cases:

  • DO deliver only an unmarried mark for every price tag.
  • DO present a case structure with tickets that might sent into a case community.
  • Attempt not to buy a “successful ticket” from an outsider. The price ticket probably taken, modified, counterfeit, or the award can also currently paid.
  • Strive not to undertake to tape or paste torn tickets together prior to submitting them with a case. Genuinely gift the torn pieces.
  • Strive no longer to make use of “white-out” to cowl records on the price ticket.
  • Try now not to go away with additional imprints or notes on the tickets.
  • Try no longer to jot down facts on the tickets.

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