Advanced Tactics to Improve Chatbot Service Engagement

Chatbots are now a common concept among businesses and their customers. Most customers prefer to chat with a bot rather than wait for hours for support to pick up their calls. However, having a chatbot and building an interactive chatbot are two different things. Progressive enterprises understand that chatbots can do more than support simple queries. 

This makes the difference between mediocre and high-performing chatbots. A high-performing chatbot generates more response rates than mediocre ones. To keep your chatbots up to standards, consider some of these ways to improve engagement.

Add Language Detection

The internet has improved globalization, and most companies are trying to sell their products and services globally. Since most websites are likely to receive visitors from different countries, translation is crucial. One way to improve your chatbots to be more engaging is by adding language detection mechanisms.

Multilingual chatbots can address queries in the language the visitor understands better. If your chatbot conversations are translatable, you will drive more traffic than your competitors, thus boosting your sales.

Chatbot Retargeting

Like retargeting ads, you can also retarget your chatbots to increase conversations. You can enhance your chatbots to recognize returning visitors and detect their interests.

IoT service providers can use analytics for retargeting your chatbots to see what pages your visitors view and how often they do so. When they visit your page, you can schedule a follow-up message that will be sent hours after interacting with your brand.

Push Notifications

Even though you might position your chatbot in the corner of your website for people to notice, some website visitors may miss it completely. Using push notifications can make you noticeable and engaging.

Consider adding a welcome or a hello message with sound effects and a popup window. These features grab the user’s attention, and they might consider using your chatbots. IoT service providers can also build these bots to deliver product and news updates.

Have a Human Face

Even though you are using a chatbot, try to make it human. Website visitors will be more satisfied when they speak to a real human. Considering that most people expect to speak to a real person, you can build your chatbot to be human-like. The best approach to do this is by adding a human face to give the user a human-like interaction.

You can also give the chatbot a human name that will pop up from the corner of the website. Your engagement will improve in the long run because people feel comfortable getting help from your chatbot.

Target Specific Pages

The chatbots on your landing page or homepage are generic and direct visitors to relevant pages or connect them to a live agent. Even though this is a great way to separate mass traffic, it is less engaging for segmented pages.

Therefore, you should use triggers to address queries for different web pages. For example, you can have one bot that triggers differently for each platform. Then, your chatbot providers can tag these pages and set a trigger that shows a sequence when a user lands on a distinct page.

It is clear that most businesses are using chatbots, and not all of them have gone deeper into this technology. Most tend to focus only on the surface without considering the full capabilities. Increasing engagement of chatbots can help increase web traffic and boost conversions due to user satisfaction.

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