7 Crazy Tips to Grow a Small Business Using Social Media

Social media is leading the markets in the 21st century.  It has completely flipped the conventional business strategies and policies. If you are starting your own small set-up or business, social media can be a bit daunting, particularly if you are clueless regarding what is coming your way but by being a bit resourceful and shaping, the right policies you can take your small business to new heights.

Initially, you will make mistakes but with time, you will get the hint about how this social media thing works. These tips can help you grow your small business through social media:

1.   Make a presence everywhere

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; your startup needs to be present on all social media platforms. Greater is the exposure to the audience, more will be the rate of development. However, by solely making an account, your job is not done. You also need to be active and maintain your profile as well as bio.

2.     Build an audience

You need to build a strong audience because it is necessary to make your presence in the market prominent. In order to attract customers, you need can to engage with them. Post regularly. Reply to their queries promptly. Win their trust. Make them believe in what you are selling.

3.     Generate original content

Make your own content. Do not copy it from other sites. Because people tend to attract to something that is new. They will be interested in things they have not seen before. Try to give a unique description of the product or services you are providing. Also’ never miss any details. Customers generally do not like asking for details.

4.     Consistency is the key

There will be days when no one visits your profile. No one will have liked your pictures or shared them. You cannot expect a massive following on a newly established profile. So, stay consistent. Do not lose your heart. Post daily; even knowing that no one is viewing it. This way your profile will stay updated.

5.     Contact influencers

People who are social media famous can do wonders in promoting your product. They have a massive following, which listens to their opinions and advice. Try to contact such people and talk to them about promoting your set-up. Instead of direct contact, you can also hype your product so that it comes to the influencer’s attention and he is compelled to review it.

6.     Share reviews

Sharing your product reviews is the best possible way to gain your client’s trust. Never forget to take feedback from your existing customers. If they like your services and products, ask them to share their experience with others. This will make you gain more customers. Also, publish reviews on your social media sites. Research from BrightLocal has revealed that “73% of customers are attracted by positive customer reviews of the business.” Even more important, “79% of clients credence online reviews as if they are someone’s personal recommendations to them.”

7.     Box and packaging

Make your products appealing to the customers. For this, put effort into what you are delivering. Invest your effort in packing your products because it will benefit you in long term. Your company will be known for sending products that are neatly wrapped and properly packaged. Do not take packaging and boxing of your goods casually because this is one hefty task. Make sure that you hire a responsible agent for managing your Box and Packaging. This also signals your customers how much you care about minute details and will send a positive image to your customers. Your brand will also have a distinguished and unique identity.

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