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United Container Flooring Plywood

Oberoi plywood industry is a famous brand as a Manufacturer of Container Containers in India. We are a leading brand that uses high-quality raw materials to make Container Flooring Plywood the best. These container floors are designed to bring a new style to your interior. We aim to produce Design Container flooring that will help decorate our clients’ homes and offices with their beautiful appearance.

Plywood Manufacturers of Yamunanagar -:

Oberoi plywood industry is a leading plywood producer in Yamunanagar with lots of beautiful and durable plywood to decorate your house and office space at an affordable price. To arrange the best quality plywood you can.

Best Waterproof Plywood in India -:

Oberoi plywood industry is a leading manufacturer of waterproof plywood in India at an affordable price. To buy the best waterproof plywood for decorating your bathroom and kitchen to give an elite look is appropriate.

Container Plywood flooring manufacturers Companies in Yamunanagar -:

Are you looking for container plywood in Yamunanagar? In that case, you should contact the Oberoi plywood industry, a leading plywood manufacturer, as they create the best quality and most durable plywood at an affordable price.


United Container Flooring Plywood is widely used for cargo containers, trucks and other industrial needs due to the long-term use of heavy-duty and durable material structures.

Other living areas on plywood flooring:

More and more containers are looking for alternatives to plywood. Another popular form of plywood is bamboo. But depending on the purpose of the container, the container floor can be adjusted for different uses.

The following flooring is widely used and common when referring to container flooring:

Plywood and Bamboo Flooring

Both building materials are very durable, so they are the most common and resistant option for freight forwarding.

Unlike Plywood, Bamboo does not need to be treated with natural pesticides and, therefore, is a much better alternative to plywood flooring.

Steel and Aluminum

Using a metal or aluminum floor is another preferred method for plywood flooring. The material is durable and waterproof, and widely used in industrial applications.


Vinyl floors are used when it comes to the transport of oils and acids. It’s easy to install and can come out on the bottom right there and stick to the top. In addition, it is waterproof and easy to clean. It is also a popular choice when containers are used as portable toilets.

Epoxy Coat

An epoxy coat is an additional option that can be added to most of the floor. Sealing down with epoxy increases its resistance. This is interesting when the container is used to transport liquids or acids.

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