What Causes Divorce?

Divorce is one of the most commonly feared topics for children and adults alike. The prospect of heartbreak, children being torn from their homes, and financial instability is enough to create anxiety in even the strongest of individuals. So how does this torment on a whole affect people? What do individuals go through?

There are several steps that couples and individuals take before coming to the decision to divorce. Occasionally, one or both parties will seek out professional help from licensed therapists, pastors, and other counselors to examine their current situation and find solutions that they wouldn’t have thought of on their own. The process of divorce can be made a lot easier with divorce lawyers from Karp & Iancu, S.C. by your side. 

4 Common Reasons Marriages End

  • Lack of commitment

The first step toward a successful marriage is the commitment from both partners to work together and make the relationship work. When one or both partners lack this commitment, divorce is likely to occur.

Most marriages have issues, but if any of the parties lack commitment, they will continue to appear and worsen as time passes. Couples might argue over finances and different lifestyle choices that create issues between them. However, they may never work out their differences without honest commitment.

  • Incompatibility

For many couples, the first few years of a marriage are the best. After that, things might slow down and deteriorate. This is a result of conflicting views and different lifestyles between partners. Although it is easy to ignore differences, they will only contribute to creating a broken relationship. For example, if one partner is more financially savvy and the other isn’t, there could be serious financial issues happening in the household. Eventually, this may lead to broken marriages if not handled correctly.

  • Extramarital affairs

Extramarital affairs are a major reason people end up looking for marriage help. Most men and women have the same feeling of flattery when they find someone new to love. They can’t wait to share with their spouse, but things don’t go as planned. This is common with those individuals using the internet for dating. Another problem with extramarital affairs is that they often end up leading to a divorce.

  • Substance abuse

Substance abuse is one of the most common reasons for couples breaking up. It’s not just limited to drugs and alcohol. It can include anything that individuals use to escape their problems and make themselves feel better, such as shopping or gambling. Substance abuse often leads to financial distress in households, which affects every aspect of family life.

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