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What are the benefits of a home water filter?

This system, also known as a pre-filtration system, is a device placed at the top of a household’s water supply such as a storage tank to bring hygienic water to other areas of use. Household he thong loc nuoc include main components such as composite filter columns and other filter materials. The main task of this unit is to remove the maximum amount of dirt and impurities to produce a safer water source for users.

What are the benefits of a home water filter?

This water purifier loc tong biet thu completely solves the problems of hardness, removes heavy metals and can provide significant benefits such as:

Save up to 30% on detergent by removing all calcium and magnesium.

Makes clothes softer, less faded and more durable.

Save 30% on electricity consumption of all types of heaters because the home water filter system has removed the plaque present in the kettle.

Thoroughly solve the phenomenon of plaque on sinks, stainless steel appliances and bathtubs.

Clean skin, smooth hair.

Minimizing diseases related to the intestinal tract, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal tract.

Extend the life of sanitary equipment.

Remove Chlorine (this is an ingredient in the tap water treatment process. Chlorine in liquid form combines with organic impurities to form THMs – Trihalomethane is a potential carcinogen).

Remove residual pesticide water on fruits and vegetables.

Structure of a home water filter system

On the market today, there are many diverse RO water purifier systems that can fully serve the needs of consumers. However, the system consists of 3 filter columns and uses modern filtering equipment such as:

Filter column

This unit contains materials such as manganese sand, quartz gravel with a microscopic size of only 1.5 mm. Their main task is to prevent and remove suspended substances in water including iron ions and heavy metal ions.

Filter column No. 2

This is a column containing activated carbon that can absorb toxins such as pesticides, arsenic, dioxins, remove chlorine, colors, and odors for a clearer and safer water source.

Filter column number 3

The main task of this operation is to soften the water. Since water reaches this part, ion exchange will occur, the water will be softened by cation particles containing positively charged ions. These charged particles are capable of absorbing ca2+ and mg2+. Thanks to that, the phenomenon of hard water has been completely overcome, users can also feel more secure about their health.

Coarse filter equipment

Contains a PP pre-filter which is made mainly of polypropylene fibers that are tightly wound in many turns and has a filter slit size of 5 microns. All debris larger than the standard core size will be retained.


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