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What are some garage door problems caused by weather?

What are some garage door problems caused by weather?

A garage can help you in many ways, like not having to struggle with dead batteries of the vehicle or damaging your windshield due to snow, and many more. Moreover, you do not have to fear if your car has not in good working condition due to cold weather or other weather issues if you park your car within the garage. Thus, your garage can help you in various ways by protecting your favorite car from various harsh weather conditions. However, you should remember that your garage door can be damaged due to its exposure to the harsh and cold weather for several years. Thus, as a homeowner, you should know how harsh weather can harm your garage door and how you can prevent those damages. In this case, you can choose one from the efficient and durable garage door repair Las Vegas.

 Now, if you wonder how the weather can harm your garage door and what are the ways to prevent those damages, here are a few pieces of information to help you out.

Some problems with garage doors are caused by weather

  1. Frozen door

In areas where the weather is really cold during winter, the moisture or water can be caught at the bottom part of your garage door and can freeze if the temperature falls several degrees. This can result in your door getting locked up and becoming frozen shut.

You can easily solve this issue by giving your garage door a proper inspection. If you can find out that there is ice at the bottom of the garage door, then you are definitely dealing with the issue of a frozen door and can solve the issue by using any heat source like a hairdryer to melt the ice. However, you need to be careful not to overheat the metal parts of the door to avoid further damage.

2. Contraction of metal

Most metals can contract in winter, and your garage door is not an exception. When the temperature of your area drops, most metal parts of your garage door, like rollers, springs, or hinges, can get tightened or warped. Hence, it may lead to the difficult or problematic operation of your garage door.

To resolve this issue, you should lubricate the metal parts of your garage door to ensure their flexibility in the cold weather. You should also maintain your garage door and its parts on a regular basis to ensure the trouble-free operation of your garage door.

3. Damaged garage door springs

Your garage door springs may break or get damaged during the cold weather because of the extra pressure and tension. The cold weather can make the springs brittle and prone to breakage. Thus, you should examine the springs of your garage door before the start of winter.

If you find a damaged garage door spring, do not try to repair or replace it on your own and contact the professionals.

4. Damaged weather stripping

Though the worn-out weather stripping of your garage door does not affect the opening function of the door, it is an issue that needs careful consideration. The weather-stripping of your garage door helps to keep the cold air out of the garage and make your garage space really comfortable. However, damaged weather-stripping can lead to the entrance of the cold air, which can damage several parts of your garage door and cause serious inconveniences.

You should think about checking your garage door weather-stripping if you see a rapid increase in your energy bills. If you see damages in the weather-stripping, replace it as soon as possible with the help of a reliable company who can offer services regarding new garage doors opener in Las Vegas

Therefore, there are many ways in which the harsh and cold weather can damage your garage door. So, you should conduct a regular inspection and maintenance to prevent those issues from happening.

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