Vivo 1726 Price in India – Best Vivo Mobile For 2022

One of the most used mobile phones is manufactured by Vivo. It is a Chinese mobile manufacturing company that has become famous because of its affordable prices and advanced features. In this article, we are going to review one of the best mobile models of this company. By the end of this blog, you will come to know about Vivo 1726 in detail along with Vivo 1726 prices in India.

In turn, you will come to know why this mobile phone has become famous and placed at the top of the list of the best Vivo phones. Let’s get started to find out the best Vivo mobile to grab in your hands.

Vivo 1726 Review

Vivo 1726 was released back in 2018 with some modifications in the previous mobile models. It is one of the most rapidly growing Vivo mobile models around the globe. The reason is the extensive list of advanced functions that have been introduced in this specific model.

Vivo has manufactured this mobile phone with heavy-duty features that will let you use this device for a long time. You will get 64 GB internal storage with 4 GB RAM capacity in Vivo Y83 pro. It will enable you to play heavy games, watch movies, and use any type of application on this mobile phone.


The biggest problem that many mobile phone users find is the short-term battery life. It happens a lot when you are using too many apps on this handy device. To make Vivo 1726 useful for a long time on a single charge, this phone has been launched with a 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery. In this way, you can get the phone’s battery fully charged for once and use it for a prominent time.


To boost the performance of this mobile phone, it has an Android 8.1 (Oreo) version. In short, you can say that Vivo 1726 is a heavy-duty device to work with any application or play any game. In this time of internet, another feature that people look into the mobile phone before purchasing it is the camera.


Vivo Y83 Pro has been assembled with a high-resolution quality camera. You will get 13 Megapixel dual primary camera in this mobile that makes it easier for you to capture the images with clarity. Also, it will enable you to use the front camera to click your images in high quality.

Similarly, Vivo 1726 has a superior quality display with a wider screen proportion. It has IPS LCD that will not let you get irritation in your eyes or leave an impact on your eyesight. In this way, the screen will not only show you a clear display but keep you relaxed even if you are using the phone for a long time.

With its 6.22 inches screen, you will be able to get a clear view of any high-quality image or video. Also, the mobile phone’s screen has been made ultra-sensitive that will sense your little touch too. In this way, you won’t need to put your fingers hardly to click on the screen for getting your desired outcomes.

In short, the resolution quality, screen size, and display quality will enable you to get a memorable experience by using this mobile phone. The processing of the Vivo 1726 will be faster than your expectations because of the Octa-core 2.0 GHz processor. Read more about MyGroundBizAccount.

It is highly recommended to use this mobile phone if you want to get an outstanding experience with your handy device. Vivo Y83 Pro will act as a mini-computer for you because of its extensive storage capacity, higher RAM, and fast processing. All in all, you will find this phone with all the basic as well as advanced features that you might be looking for in your mobile phone.

What is Vivo 1726?

By getting a quick overview of the above features of Vivo 1726, you might be thinking that the Vivo 1726 price in India will be higher. Don’t worry as the company is known for the best price devices. Like other devices, you will also find this mobile with a price lower than your expectations.


According to our research, the Vivo 1726 price in India at the time of release was just 14000 INR. The price may vary with time and the release of the extended version of this mobile. But the price announced by the company was 14k INR. It is almost impossible to find a mobile with all such functions at such a lower price.

That is the main reason why people are demanding to buy Vivo 1726 instead of the latest models. You must give this phone a try if you want to get an outstanding experience by using your handy device.

Final Wrapping

With the above discussion, you may have got enough information about Vivo 1726 price in India. We have written this guide honestly to keep our readers informed with the accurate details of this product.

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