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Top 14 property websites in Pakistan


As the world has turned into a global village, and everything is done through internet . Every individual is well informed, as he learns through internet what he does not know. Individuals from every walks of life are involved in the digital revolution that has changed our world. Just like that, the Pakistani real estate business has also grown within past few decades, as a number of online property portals in Pakistan are on the rise.

Best Website for Property in Pakistan

Every talented real estate expert is rising like a star by reaching through online platforms. Some of the top property websites are as following:

1. is the top property portal of Pakistan. It includes a merger of different purchasers and venders. As per the the website, making digital in every field is understandable, so why should property industries leg behind. Purchasers can take support from the website portal of and get prospects to capitalize in property.

2. aims to notify purchasers and sellers about diverse purchasing prospects. Its website showcase diverse properties in numerous areas of Pakistan. Also, tis online portal has started with the Mobile Application to offer real estate searching opportunity.

3. is currently working to introduce innovation to the property management sector in Pakistan. As of now, is provides steady access to every city and province of Pakistan because its users have ease of access to every facility. Read more about Blue World City Islamabad.

4. is another important property businesses in Pakistan, which is serving each and every cities of Pakistan. Furthermore, it has a humble and smooth structure that is organized in a traditional method, which fascinates more real estate investors. One can view the details of different properties without any signup procedure.

5. Jageerdar

Jageerar is regarded as one of best and first online real estate portal in Pakistan which helps out the real estate investors in connecting with their sellers or agents without any additional charge of commission. It also comprises of a Mobile application, where one can check the property details.

6. is the recently launched online portal that provides best guidance for purchasing a house or commercial property with the help of its website portal. One can see a huge list of properties on its home page for diverse towns of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Southern Punjab.

7. Redbox.Estate is another astonishing real estate websites which assists its viewers regarding real estate investment for purchasing and selling of the plots. It also has expert, who teach about the latest trends regarding the real estate business.

8. is the leading online portal for the real estate industry in Pakistan. When one often visit its portal, it could be found that it has deep analytics. There are diverse types inside in this website, as they offer every group of the property.


Another famous online real estate website is Realproperty, which is famous for offering many kinds of land to procurers in the housing and commercial sectors i.e. Blue World City Payment Plan.

10. is one of the advanced online businesses in the real estate business of Pakistan. It is involved in the management of diverse types of the property for purchasers and sellers with the help of website portal as well as the mobile application.

11. Estate Land Marketing

Estate Land Marketing is Islamabad based real estate portal that aims to provide numerous services for permanent property assets like Kingdom Valley, whether you reside abroad or in Pakistan. Their skilled team of real estate consultants are always available for their clients to resolve their issues.

12. Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing Islamabad is famous for its tenure in the real estate business for more than a decade. They have a professional team that works on many housing societies for marketing purposes like Prime Valley Islamabad.

13. Lead Marketing

Lead Marketing is an Islamabad based real estate marketing company with experts in the real estate and marketing industry. The company is marketing some famous under construction projects in Islamabad, and their customers get the finest real estate investment prospects in Pakistan.

14. Globe Real Estate

It is another important real estate online portal that offers multiple real estate services to its visitors. This website includes all the reactions for its visitors, from finding the suitable property to appropriate leadership and best investment opportunities i.e. Blue World City Sports Valley. Real estate investment is the timeless commercial model that has assisted generate advanced monetary reimbursements for investors.


The real estate business in Pakistan is evolving rapidly as compared to other sectors. Internet has now become a new normal, which can easily be found at every household. So, it would be better for the real estate investors to look for plots through all the website mentioned above instead of going physically to the real estate brokers. The Islamabad based real estate investors should visit Estate Land Marketing for booking a plot.

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