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Tips When Using a Laser Tape Measure

A laser tape measure or laser measure is one of the most valuable tools for measuring distance accurately. An indispensable tool for plumbers, electricians, and those working in the construction industry, such as builders, surveyors, and landscapers, the laser tape measure is easy to use. It is available in various ranges and accuracy levels to suit all terrains. All you need is to point the laser measure to the target, record a point of reference, and the device will compute and display the distance with a high degree of accuracy.

There are different kinds of tape measures to measure and store various parameters such as width, length, slant height, and more. Laser measures are one of the easiest and most accurate devices for measuring distance.

Cautions and Advice

  • One of the most critical points to remember while using a laser tape measure is – NEVER point it at a person or animal. Also, it would be best if you never looked into the beam yourself. Doing so could lead to serious injury to the eyes – including blindness. It should be handled with care, not as a toy to play around with.
  • Don’t use a laser tape measure in explosive environments where flammable liquids, gases, and dust are present. A laser beam is a high-intensity concentrated beam of light that can ignite flammable fumes of dust. So, a moment of carelessness could lead to significant damage if you use laser tape measures in hazardous conditions.
  • Your laser tape measure is designed to measure a certain distance. However, this depends on several factors, such as how well the laser reflects off the target surface, ambient light, temperature, and air dust. Most manufacturers will stipulate the conditions which give the most accurate results and the deviation range in case of unfavourable conditions mentioned above. Despite that, the laser tape measure will provide you with an excellent reading to accurately calculate the distance.

Here are some tips to remember while using a laser tape measure.

Use a level – while measuring down a slope, measure the horizontal distance and not the slope. You should hold it level whenever you measure with a laser tape measure. One great way to ensure it is to use a spirit level on the laser instrument. Once you are assured it is level, take the reading.

Take care of your target – if the surface you aim at is non-reflective, the ambient light is too bright, or the surface is concealed by foliage, it is impossible to get an accurate reading. In such a scenario, you must use a target to reflect the laser beam to the device. The target can be anything – even a lid of pet food can be a good target. If there is a gap between the makeshift target and the actual obscured target, add the measurement of the gap to measure the distance accurately.

Keep the device clean – laser tape measures are precision tools, so we can’t over-emphasise the need to keep them clean at all times. Use a soft cloth to wipe the lens to clean any dust or debris. Furthermore, you should always store it in a suitable bag to keep it clean.

Store them separately – if you don’t need your laser tape measure frequently, you should remove the batteries from the device and store them separately. Batteries will discharge over time even when the device is not used, and they need replacing if you wish to use the measure. If you don’t remove the batteries and store the device separately if they weep, the batteries could damage the instrument’s battery contacts and battery compartment. Then, you’ll have to get it replaced.

In conclusion, while the laser tape measure is a great, easy-to-use tool, it requires special care to ensure an accurate reading. Thankfully, it is as easy to care for the device as it is to use. Check out these options on RS if you want high-quality, durable, and reliable tape measures at affordable prices to place bulk orders.

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