Things You Should Know Before Buying Laptop Under 40000

The laptop has become one of the most important device people use daily. Nowadays, many people are working from home and taking virtual classes online. Everyone needs to own a laptop to perform their duties at work or attend school. However, a good laptop comes at an enormous price, meaning that finding a good one on a budget can be challenging. In addition to setting a budget for your purchase, there are many other factors you should consider before buying laptop.

Listed below are the important factors you should consider before buying laptop under 40000


There is one crucial part to consider when you are buying a gaming laptop, and that is the processor. There is a direct correlation between the performance of the system and the processor. The processor determines the speed at which your system will work and how quickly it will complete all tasks.

For the processor to perform at its best, the speed and the number of cores it has become essential. Data processing speed tells you how much data the chip can process. Therefore, if the number is large, it is better to use it. It is essential to know that a processor is a stack of cores working at the speed listed by the manufacturer. Therefore, the number of cores functions as a multiplier of the processing power.

Hard Disk

A laptop disk drive stores all the software installed on the computer and all the files created and used by the program Alienware Aurora 2019. Photographs and music are some of the important you have created over the years. An essential feature of a hard disk is its permanent storage capacity. The market’s two most common storage devices are Solid State Drives and hard disk drives.

When you click to open a file on your computer, the hard drive must shift millions of data bits into the computer. The loading process may take a few seconds as a result. SSDs use flash memory as the storage medium for the data. Hence, the SSD drive stores information more efficiently than the standard drive, which results in less data loss. It has the advantage of accessing information more quickly than a hard drive. Nowadays, almost all laptop best under 40000 come with a solid-state drive.


RAM on your laptop is another critical component you should remember when buying laptop best under 40000. Essentially, a memory card is an extension of hard drives and can be considered an extra-fast form of data storage. A system’s RAM determines how well it can handle multitasking or how fast it can run. All applications use this memory to store operating instructions to execute the computer programs.

As a result of the RAM, you can run several different programs simultaneously. A system with more RAM will be able to run more programs simultaneously. A laptop best under 40000 should have a minimum RAM of about 4 GB to function correctly. If you wish to get more memory, you can opt for 8GB or 16GB.

Screen size and Resolution 

You should select the best laptop under 40000 with a small and lightweight screen to maintain portability. Today, gaming laptops come with 10.1-inch screens as well as smaller screen sizes. The best laptop for programming, gaming and video editing is one with a big screen. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the resolution. A higher resolution is better if you want plenty of space to use. It is best to have a solution of 1920×1080-pixels. 

Graphics Card

The graphics card on your gaming laptop is responsible for handling games and graphics. There are a lot of newer processors, such as the i5 and i7 processors, that come with integrated graphics. It is essential to get a high-end graphics card for your laptop best under 40000 if you are planning to use it for animation, video editing, and online games.

It is important to note that each graphic card has its RAM and processor.  It is possible to handle intense graphics with a fast processor and a large amount of RAM.  There will be a faster, more fluid visual experience as a result. It is essential to take into account processor’s speed on the card and consider it the same as the computer’s speed on Tech Bable.

Battery Life

The battery life varies in mAh or Wh. Battery life is increased by the number of these figures. However, the battery life can be affected by various factors, such as what programs we are running, screen resolution, and many others. A battery of your laptop best under 40000 can drain very quickly if you run programs that require a lot of processing power or if you watch many online videos or transfer lots of files from your computer.

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