Suepas review: Is Suepas scam or legit?

Suepas is an online eCommerce store that sells different products on Here you can find the clothes, luggage, electronic products, etc. Like other e-commerce stores, Suepas also use an online payment method.

If we talk about the product prices. Here you will find an amazing offer and cheap price products. They show different offers for their customers. They made some terms and conditions for the shipping, exchanging the products, payment process, and delivery process, etc. to know all about this you can visit their official website.

This was all about their website. Their belief is that they work for the better but it is not enough. We must look to the Suepas review and the website rating.

Lots of people question how can Suepas be a scam if they use PayPal? How can they steal your information if they have only your address and email?

So the answer is simple they do not take an interest only in your email information. But instead, they ask for other information too. Before going to click on the PayPal option you need to provide your date of birth, and most importantly your social security number. As you can see a legit website will never ask for such a foolish demand.

Red flags of Suepas site

Incomplete information: The information about their store seems incomplete and not unreal.

Location: Every legal website puts the physical company address on its official website. But if you talk about the scammers like Suepas, they don’t care about the exact location.

Phone number: the phone number is important for customer support. In case of any emergency, the customer will contact through the specific number. But of whom you will contact if you purchase from Suepas because they do not mention any contact number.

Heavy discounts: as you know excessive discounts are the habit of fraudsters. Because they use this discount arrow to attract the customers. Suepas use this specific circumstance and display attractive sales up to 80% and 85% off.

Website popularity: this website has the lowest traffic volume. This means that a very limited number of customers visit here. And the website has no rated by many customers which is not a good sign for the suepas.

Suepas review

To make a long story short stay away from this website. This website does not provide a 100% security guarantee about your credit card and financial information. So it will be better for you if you ignore Suepas website for purchasing.

There is some Suepas review from customers who read it.

“I saw these gamer headphones I wanted that usually cost $80 but on the website, it’s $18.50”. (This is an example of the cheap offer)

“They want your Social Security Number in the registration part of their site! If that’s not a GIANT RED FLAG I don’t know what is”.

“I saw a GTX 1660 gaming card for $16 instead of $249”.

There is more negative Suepas review from those customers who dealt with them. So be aware and keep your distance. Not only this but lots more websites wait for the customers to fraud them. All you need is just to search for the website or any online store with whom you want to deal. After the research, you will become to a point that dealing with them is good for you or not.

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