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Roundworms in Cats

Roundworms in Cats

There are two kinds of roundworms that infect cats. Toxocara cata as well as Toxascara Leonina. These parasites reside within the digestive tracts of cats and may cause irritation however they can only produce visible symptoms when the infection is persistent and severe. If left untreated, roundworms may cause the loss of weight, dull coat, and diarrhea or vomiting. T. cati may also trigger health issues in humans.1

What Are Roundworms

Similar to tapeworms and hookworms, roundworms are a common intestinal parasite in cats as well as other animals.2 Two types of roundworms are found in cats. Where Do Birds Go At Night Toxocara the cati as well as Toxascara leonina. Both round and skinny with a diameter of up to 4 inches long and pale brown to white in hue (they appear like spaghetti noodles)

The eggs of roundworms as well as their larvae consumed from the environment, travel into the tissues of cats. They ultimately get to the lungs, which causes irritation, so that cats cough them up before swallowing the larvae and eggs.

After entering the cat’s digestive

tract again after which the larvae develop into roundworms that mature inside the cat’s intestines. The larvae produce many eggs, which are later passed through the feces. Eggs are only infectious after about two to four months within the natural environment. Eggs are tough and may remain infected for months or even for years.

Sometimes larvae end their bodily movement in the liver, and become dormant. If the case of a pregnant female cat the larvae are active once more and they may be released into mother’s milk following the delivery. 3 They may also cause the active roundworm disease within the intestines of the mother, and she sheds eggs that may be infected by her newborn kittens.

Symptoms of Roundworms in Cats

Roundworms may cause one or more of the symptoms listed below but symptoms might only manifest in the long run when there are severe infections: 3

The symptoms of roundworm infestations appear due to the parasites’ interference in the cat’s digestion of nutrientsand sometimes, even bleeding in the intestines. The loss of weight along with dull coats, and a general inability to grow are the result of lack of nutrition, not the presence of the worms.

As part of T. cati worms’ lifetime they move through the lungs, causing irritation that causes cats to cough them up , then swallow them. (T. Leonina) stay in the intestines of cats.) Rarely, severe infections from any roundworm species can cause obstruction of the intestines which can make cats very sick by vomiting and bloating and the feeling of being tired. 2

Diagnosing Roundworms in Cats

If roundworms do not appear in your cat’s stool or vomit it is essential to be examined by a vet. Roundworm eggs can be seen under the microscope during the routine examination of stool samples (the test is known as”fecal flotation”). The medical term that refers to roundworms-related infections is called ascariasis.


There are a variety of medications that treat roundworms and your vet will assist you in choosing the appropriate one the cat. 4 Medications are only effective for adult roundworms. Can cats eat yogurt Hence, they should be repeated every two to three weeks to eliminate any remaining larvae that develop as they mature. The number of treatments needed is contingent on the nature of the cat’s age and the circumstances and will be evaluated through your vet. If you are pregnant with a cat, you should consult your vet for advice on deworming both kittens and the mother.

A Prognosis and Treatment for Cats with Roundworms

A prompt and consistent treatment for the roundworm problem usually allows the cat to fully recover within weeks. Long-term or severe infestations that are threatening the health of cats can be more challenging to manage, however they generally work with the right medications and a healthy diet to help the cat recover its physical health.

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