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Rocky Mountain Mortgage

rocky mountain mortgage

The Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company is based in El Paso, Texas. This diverse city offers plenty of opportunities and is rich in culture. It’s a great place for new workers and aspiring business owners to set up shop. Located on Trawood Dr., the company balances its books to the penny.

FICS(r) has been the technology platform on which it has built its loan origination and servicing business for more than two decades

In a world of fast-paced changes and rapid consolidation, few mortgage technology partnerships have lasted as long as Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company’s relationship with FICS. Yet, over the past two decades, the Dallas-based company has become an innovator in the field, expanding its loan origination and servicing business to online services.

One of the most prominent developments in FICS’s mortgage servicing software has been the ability to accurately balance accounts down to the penny. The company is now able to print investor reports that are more accurate than ever, while also enabling the company to process transactions faster. Before, Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company had to rely on preliminary investor reports, which could take three hours to complete, but now it can pull the figures needed within two minutes.

Another significant development is ICE’s acquisition of MERS in 2016. MERS has a database of 85% of mortgages in the US, and Jeff Sprecher compares it to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. Simplifile connects mortgage settlement agents with county officials, allowing documents to be shared electronically.

It’s senior management team has a proven track record in the mortgage industry. Chang Liu, who joined the Company as President and Chief Lending Officer, was previously an executive at the Pacific Trust Bank, Senior Vice President of the Commercial Real Estate Group at U.S. Bank, and an executive at California National Bank.

First American Mortgage Solutions (FAMS) is a family of companies that provides comprehensive solutions for residential mortgage lenders and servicers. It offers a complete suite of mortgage solutions that includes mortgage subservicing, title, and home equity services. It also offers a variety of eClosing solutions.

Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company uses Radstar

When Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company decided to eliminate paper from their process, they implemented Radstar, an integrated imaging and reporting system that writes documents and reports directly from FICS systems. Previously, the company had to physically scan documents and file them in subdirectories. This process made locating and analyzing documents a tedious task, especially when there were numerous documents to review. However, after learning that Radstar would automatically generate most of the company’s reports, they decided to make the switch.

Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company offers low-interest mortgage loans

If you are looking to buy a new home, but you are concerned about the high interest rates that are out there, you might want to consider applying for a low-interest mortgage loan. These loans are made possible through special programs offered by Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company. These loans require little to no down payment and are perfect for home buyers who have less than perfect credit. Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company has professional lenders on hand who can assist you with your application.

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