Mynah Birds

Mynah Birds

Many times, it is referred to as the most intelligent bird on the planet Mynah birds are perhaps the most capable of training a pet bird. Mynah birds aren’t as often considered pets as other birds but they are available from breeders that are selective. They require lots of mental stimulation and space to roam, but they can be easy to handle if you decide to take care of one of them. 


Sometimes, it is overlooked for its ability to train because of its popularity in pet stores, Virginia Birds the cockatiel in fact a smart, tiny bird. It’s a bit bigger than the budgerigar and is easily able to talk and mimic and perform simple tricks. This is why the cockatiel is an appealing alternative for those who want the appearance of a cockatoo but not the size or commitment.


There are many species of conures but the majority are known to be active, social and quick learners. Similar to other species, young conures are generally more docile, but they do enjoy using their feet to grab things and some may learn to perform tricks that are unique to them. Conures aren’t great in speaking however, even if you’re not in search of the most chatty bird smaller to medium-sized birds are taught to do a range of other tasks.

Indian Ringnecks

They are known for their distinctive necklaces, Indian ringneck parrots have higher pitched voices than other species of birds. They are also capable of being trained. Ringnecks aren’t likely to start talking until close to one year of age, but once they reach that point they are able to be great talking birds. They also can learn to play with tricks of all kinds and can enjoy the training sessions they have with their owners.


Eclectus parrots are renowned for their stunning sexual dimorphism however they’re also highly trainable birds. These vibrant parrots excel at speaking and learning. MISSOURI BIRDS  This means they will quickly learn to do or say something you show them, but just as with species of birds, they also teach themselves certain things. This means that you’ll have to ensure that you don’t repeat or reinforcement of any unwelcome phrases or actions.


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