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List of Top 5 Oneplus TV in 2022

Televisions now provide remarkable image clarity, immersive sound quality, network capabilities, and intelligent interfaces. To purchase a television, you should examine OnePlus Technologies Limited intensely. This company has become well-known for producing some of the finest smartphones and has expanded into the intelligent television sector.OnePlus TV on EMI can also be purchased at no cost.

OnePlus’s Smart TVs are in three different series: Y, U, and Q. The series Y provides entry-level smart TVs, while the series U and Q offer mid-range and premium televisions. The OnePlus televisions have several screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches. All of the brand’s smart TVs have an Android operating system, and a full HD LED display.

The pricing range for the OnePlus TV is between 16,999 and 63,999. Regardless of the price range, all of the brand’s Smart TVs have AI-powered images that enhance the watching experience. If you want a smart television for your house, you can visit Bajaj mall and get a chance to obtain a discount on the OnePlus TV on EMI.

India’s Five Best-Selling OnePlus Televisions for Sale

  • OnePlus Y Series Y1S 32-inch Smart TV 
  • This 32-inch LED OnePlus TV is powered by a 64-bit CPU and has Chromecast and smart casting built-in. A smart TV on EMI can be purchased very quickly.
  • The television utilizes Gamma Engine, which gives AI-powered graphics and ultra-clear image quality and supports high dynamic range formats like HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG.
  • The bezel-less frame and brilliant colors of this smart TV captivate the customers’ full attention and provide an uninterrupted watching experience.
  • OnePlus Y Series Y1S Edge Smart TV 
  • This 32-inch OnePlus TV is powered by Android 11 and has Dolby Audio with two speaker units.
  • This television’s maximum audio output is 24W with 2.0-channel speakers, which, in conjunction with its high-resolution display, provide an excellent watching experience.
  • You can quickly connect all of your OnePlus devices to this smart TV on EMI to build an entertainment environment.
  1. OnePlus Y Series Y1S 43-inch Smart TV 
  • This is the larger version of the series Y1S model of the OnePlus TV, which has a 43-inch perfect LED display.
  • This smart TV is compatible with Alexa and has a built-in Google Assistant to assist you with your duties from the comfort of your sofa. 
  • In addition to twin 2.0 USB and HDMI ports, the 5.0 Bluetooth on this TV provides reliable communication over a wide range.

A lot of offers are available for the OnePlus TV on EMI.

4.OnePlus Y Series Y1S Edge 43-inch Smart TV 

  • This Y1S Edge model from the Y series of the OnePlus Smart TV has a 43-inch LED screen with 1920×1080 px resolution.
  • The Gamma Engine and anti-aliasing noise reduction technologies are included to improve the visual quality.
  • The TV’s two built-in speakers are powerful, and the 24W, 2.0 channel provides excellent clarity to enhance the HD watching experience.
  1. OnePlus Q Series Q1 Pro 55-inch Smart TV 
  • This is the most luxurious television that OnePlus has to offer. On a 55-inch LED display with accurate colors, it delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • This OnePlus Q-series television has a Gamma Colour Magic image processor and memo de-contour dynamic contrast.
  • The Dolby digital plus surround sound is supported by an 8-speaker configuration that supports the DTS-HD audio standard.

OnePlus Smart TV Functionality

An extraordinary visual experience

Although televisions vary in screen size and quality, their internal characteristics are the same. Due to the TV’s narrow bezel, the Y series offers some breathtaking viewing experiences.

It provides a variety of functions at a low price!

The TVs also enable anti-aliasing, noise reduction, dynamic contrast, and color space mapping, giving them a DCI-P3 color gamut of 93 percent.

In addition, the OnePlus TV Y series has two channels of 20W stereo speakers. The fact that the speakers support Dolby Audio deserves special recognition.

The scope of assistance is vast!

In addition to material from Netflix and Prime Video, Oxygen Play provides worldwide and local content providers.

In addition to its seamless connection with your television, the OnePlus Connect will have an iPhone application that will allow you to use your phone as a remote. The OnePlus Connect app allows you to do anything with features such as rapid app switching. The content calendar will notify you when new episodes and movies are available.

Shared Album allows you to broadcast photographs straight from your phone to your TV with a simple click, regardless of location.

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Multiple locale-specific versions of Google Assistant

Using this TV, you can access various applications from the Play Store and third-party sources and conduct voice commands with Google Assistant. Google Assistant may also be accessed by tapping a button. The Assistant provides access to extensive weather and news updates in English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages.

In the OnePlus TV lineup, there are several led tv on EMI to pick from Bajaj Mall. Not to mention that the price of OnePlus televisions in India is relatively reasonable and competitive. This is your signal to replace your current smart tv with a OnePlus smart apk television.

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