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NGL stands what does ngl mean for natural gas liquids. It’s a type of petroleum that’s composed of various hydrocarbons, such as butane, propane, and pentane. Although it’s not as common as gasoline or diesel, ngl is an essential oil that’s used in a variety of industries. In this blog post, we will explore what ngl means and how it can benefit your business. We will also discuss some of the risks and benefits associated with its use, so that you can make an informed decision about how to use it in your business.

What does ngl mean?

NGL stands for neuralGeneLinker, a new tool from the Allen Institute for Brain Science that can be used to study how genetic variations in different parts of the brain relate to each other.

The NGL tool is able to use a person’s genome sequence to track changes in gene expression over time, and it can also identify relationships between genes and conditions such as autism or schizophrenia.

“This novel technology has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of disease by unlocking the secrets of how genetic variation affects brain function,” said Jun Lou, Ph.D., senior investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and co-founder of NGL.

The Allen Institute is one of several organizations that have contributed DNA sequencing data to the NGL project. The goal is to make this information freely available so that researchers around the world can use it to better understand human biology.

What does the abbreviation stand for?

The acronym, ngl, stands for “near-infrared.” Near-infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 750 and 1,500nm. This type of radiation is often used to image objects inside the human body and can be used for various medical procedures.

How does this term relate to cryptocurrency and blockchain?

The term “nGL” is often used in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries to describe a digital asset that is not typically considered to be a “coin.” These assets are often described as tokens, cryptographic transactions, or smart contracts. This term is important because it differentiates these assets from traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar or euro.

There are a few reasons why these assets might be considered nGLs. For example, some of these assets might not be mined like regular coins, but instead they are generated through an event like an ICO (initial coin offering). Another reason nGLs might exist is because they don’t have a traditional monetary value like regular coins do. This means they can’t be used to purchase goods and services like regular currency can.

All of these factors make nGLs an interesting topic for discussion in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. They could potentially play an important role in future developments in those fields.


NGL stands for natural gas liquids. They are a group of hydrocarbons that includes butane, propane, and similar substances. These fuels are used in the production of plastics and other materials.

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