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Know Everything About Aluminium Windows & Doors

The doors and windows of a house play a significant role in enhancing its value and appeal. Over the years, the types of doors and windows used in homes have evolved significantly. Today, homeowners can take their pick from different types, styles, and material options while shopping for doors and windows that best match their needs.  

In this context, aluminum has emerged as the material of choice for creating windows and doors with a sleek look and modern design. Aluminium windows and door create a feeling of luxury and elegance while matching perfectly with the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. Some of the most renowned manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA offer aluminum doors and windows in different styles and designs further enhancing their versatility for the users. 

Read on to know all about aluminum windows and doors and gain a better understanding of what makes them so popular. 


Aluminum is known for its great strength and versatility and this property of the metal makes them suitable for creating equally strong and versatile window and door frames. The sleek aluminum door designs are especially preferred for balconies and patios to create a sense of larger space. Similarly, the slim frames of aluminum windows help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property quite significantly. 

Strong Frames

Despite the slim design of the frames, the windows are strong enough to support the weight of glass panes from a large part of the door and window design. The aluminum frames cannot be easily broken, drilled into, or even be dented. This feature makes the frames stand apart from traditional materials like wood and UPVC which can be easily damaged and are not as strong as aluminum. 

Secure Design 

Aluminum doors and windows offer a higher level of security and sustainability as compared to traditional fenestration options. Aluminum metal boasts an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, high fire resistance, rust resistance, and a high melting point. This makes the door and window frame the safest option for making doors and windows that minimize the risk to the health and safety of the users. 


Aluminum windows and doors are also among the most sustainable products within the fenestration industry. This is because aluminum can be recycled almost endlessly without impacting its various properties. Moreover, the doors and windows made from this metal are highly durable and long-lasting, which further eliminates the need to change them after every few years. 

Low Maintenance 

Aluminum doors and windows are extremely easy to maintain with a minimum budget. The doors and windows are dust resistant and scratchproof and offer a neat and stylish metallic look. Cleaning the doors and windows is as easy as wiping them regularly with a damp cloth to restore their shine and appeal. Unlike the doors and windows made from wood and UPVC, the ones made from aluminum are not prone to damage by environmental elements. Hence the windows do not need to be replaced or repaired frequently, further reducing the maintenance costs.

As is evident from the above discussion, the diverse properties and versatility of Aluminum door designs have played a critical role in making them a preferred option within the housing industry.

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