Jennifer Youngblood: Who Is Dave Grohl’s Leading Lady?

What was the first album you ever bought? If you’re Jennifer Youngblood, it was The Beatles’ Meet the Beatles! You can thank your older brother for that one, but he helped make another life-changing decision as well: introducing you to the Foo Fighters. Not only did he help introduce you to rock music in general, he also helped introduce you to your husband and musical hero Dave Grohl.

Rocker vs. Model

Jennifer Youngblood is a well-known rock star and model with a high-profile boyfriend. But who is Jennifer Youngblood, really? Where did she come from, what does she do and who is she dating now that Dave Grohl has moved on? Here are the facts you need to know about Jennifer Youngblood.

What They Are Up To Now

Jennifer Youngblood is a drummer, singer and songwriter who has been in the music industry for decades. She made her debut as a full time musician in 1991 when she joined her friends, guitarist Steve Shelley and bassist Darby Cicci to form the rock band Scratch Acid.
They released two albums before breaking up. Jennifer then went on to join another Austin-based band called Girls Against Boys in 1994. The group disbanded after releasing their fourth album A New Kind of Sexy in 1999 due to lack of financial support from a record label.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Jen (aka Mrs. Grohl)

Jennifer Youngblood is the wife of rock legend, Dave Grohl. She is also a mother to their two children and a PhD in American Studies from the University of Virginia. Jen has dedicated her life to human rights advocacy, specifically for women and girls. Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about her!
Jennifer was born in Washington D.C., but she grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia with her family where she attended high school at St.

7 Things We Learned From Them Together On Instagram

1) They have known each other for a while.
2) They always help one another out.
3) She has been by his side at some of the most important events in his career.
4) He has been by her side during some of the most important moments in her life.
5) They are not just friends, they are family.
6) They are both passionate about their philanthropic work.
7) They both know how to have fun while supporting a good cause!
8) She is not afraid to make him laugh or do silly things with him (and vice versa).

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dave

Jennifer Youngblood is a powerhouse. She has been in the music industry for years, not just as Dave Grohl’s wife, but as an award-winning songwriter and producer in her own right.
1. Jennifer released her debut album titled Something Sweet in 2006. The album was ranked number one on iTunes for five days and was #24 on Billboard Hot 200 Chart for six weeks straight.
2. In 2007 Jennifer had a hand in writing the single ‘Waiting’ by the Jonas Brothers, which reached number three on Billboard Hot 100 chart
3. Jennifer writes songs about her life experience, but also writes songs about what she hopes to experience with her daughter Emmylou (named after Emmylou Harris) who was born in 2014.

3 Reasons Why This Relationship Works

Jennifer Youngblood has been dating Foo Fighters’ frontman, Dave Grohl for over 18 years. I’ve put together a few of the reasons why this relationship has lasted so long and what makes them work.
1) They are both insanely talented and hard-working individuals who share a mutual respect for one another.
2) They are incredibly supportive of each other’s careers and interests. Jennifer is an avid photographer, but more importantly, she has been there to support Dave on his musical endeavors since day one. She was there with him in every step of the way when he started the Foo Fighters and helped him realize his dream of making music full-time.

5 Things To Do In Seattle When You Visit

Whether you are on a holiday or just visiting, there are plenty of places to visit in Seattle. We’ve got great tips for getting the most out of your stay in this beautiful city! Jennifer Youngblood: After moving from Alaska to Seattle, Jennifer is looking forward to starting over with her three boys and daughter. Her dream is for the family to make a life for themselves in their new city and she can’t wait for the kids to start school here next fall.

2 Ways To Follow Jen & The Foo Fighters On Instagram

Jennifer Youngblood has been the lead singer for The Foo Fighters since 1997, but you may not have heard of her before. Her name is much less widely known than the band she fronts. Jennifer was born in California and moved to Seattle when she was a teen, where she began playing with The Foo Fighters.
This makes sense because the band is based out of Washington state and it would be difficult to tour without their lead singer. Jen has been in charge of singing on all albums except one, as well as leading live performances. She also sang a duet with Dave Grohl on Walk, which you can watch below!

1 Final Reason Why Jen & The Foo Fighters’ Love Story Rocks!

1. Jennifer and Dave married in 1998 and have been together ever since.
2. Their first date was at a restaurant called Farm in Seattle when they were both students at the University of Washington.
3. They didn’t see each other for two years before reuniting at the school’s 1991 graduation ceremony!
4. The couple had their first child, daughter Violet, in 1998
5. The rock star met his wife-to-be while watching Nirvana play a gig in 1992
6. It is worth mentioning that because this marriage is to her best friend Jennifer Youngblood, there are lots of jokes about ‘blind’ dating (i.e., you don’t know what you’re getting).
7 . And our favorite reason why Jen & the Foo Fighters’ love story rocks!

4 Cool Band Alerts For Our Readers

Jennifer Youngblood has been the lead singer of Foo Fighters for more than 20 years, but she is much more than that. She was a founding member of R.E.M., an influential band in the ’80s and ’90s, and her voice is one of the most recognizable voices in rock music.
She collaborated with Tom Petty on his song Free Fallin’, sang backup for Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, and she even recorded a solo album in 1997.
I’m not sure I want to be famous, Jennifer told Rolling Stone magazine in 1989.

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