Is rohone scam or legit?

Are you interested in online purchasing? That’s not a bad idea but think twice before going to purchase anything online. Generally purchasing online safe your time and energy and you can get your favorite needs on the doorsteps. But some online stores just make people fool. And they make money through illegal ways.

There is a website by the name of rohone. This website made lots of people in doubt and they are confused about the rohone website is real or fake. That’s why lots of people search about rohone website reviews. If you are one of them you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the rohone website review. And also give you some tips that how to identify the authenticity of websites without using any tools.

What they belief

Before going to mention any suspicious detail first let’s look that how rohone websites believe about themselves. For customer satisfaction, they mentioned all the policies which are important for any business.

They have the vision that customers will get a full refund if they return the product in 30 days. Similarly, they mentioned the policy of exchanging any products. The payment method of this website is PayPal. The great package for those customers who live in the US that rohone will not charge the shipping amount.

Suspicious data 

An authentic website mentions the physical address of the company. Keeping this point in mind rohone websites mentioned the physical address on their official website “Room 408, Yiyuan building, 69 Haifu Road, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan, 570203 China”. However, after searching this address on google Maps we did not find the exact match. This is not a good sign for the rohone website because providing wrong information create dozen of question in the customer’s mind.

We observed the factor which is common in many scam websites and that is the poor designing of the website. Scammers don’t focus on the website design because they know that it will not be their permanent business and at the end of the end people will know about the scam.

Can you trust the rohone website?

Is this right for you to purchase your daily needs from the rohone online store. Their great offer may attract you to buy from them. Because mostly they display attractive sales on lots of products and as you know sales always liked by many customers.

So you need to ignore those offers because this will be a risky deal. The maximum chance is that you may lose your personal and financial information. My advice is that purchase 1 or 2 dollars expensive but purchases from authentic instead of trapped.

How to identify the scam website

In today’s world, lots of scammers circulate on the internet world. But the good news is that many of them leave common mistakes which makes it easy for us to recognize.

  • Mostly, scammers put extremely cheap sales on their products like 80% to 90% off. Or they mention that buy 1 get 3 freee. Don’t come in such foolish offers because, in the end, you will regret it.
  • Scammers use copied content from other websites.
  • Mostly scammer websites are the newly created domains.
  • The website designs are mostly the same.

Not only rohone website but there are lots more scammers on the list. So before going to deal with any online eCommerce store firstly you need to collect all information about them. Best of luck with your online purchase…

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