Is Online Education As Easy And Convenient As It Seems?

With the massive technological advancement and innovation, the world has recognized the importance of proceeding with day-to-day activities through online mediums and platforms. The education sector is no less here because the majority of universities, colleges, and high school and learning institutes have started offering online degrees and programs to keep up with the need of the hour. The online education system is not only convenient, cost-effective, and offers flexible learning hours but also contributes a lot towards making the learners self-motivated and self-confident. But does the online education system as easy and flexible as it seems, let’s find out. We have previously discussed many advantages that are associated with the online education system but there are some disadvantages associated with learning online. Some of which are as follows:

Easier To Procrastinate 

While learning online from the comfort of your home it is easier to procrastinate and deviate from your study goal. People who are not habitual of self-learning can find it a little challenging to study online in a consistent manner. Someday they can feel super motivated to learn and achieve their study goals and the other day it can get lazy and boring at the same time. So procrastinating can prove to be a great hindrance while you plan to study online effectively and consistently.

Requires Great Time Management Skills

Learn Quran online also requires great time management skills because when you are working from home there are going to be many distractions and day-to-day chores that need to get done alongside your studying routine. Balancing out time in a way that all the tasks along with studying get done within time is a huge task and requires good time management skills which can be challenging for some people but with enough practice and learning everyone can accomplish the time management skills to proceed with the online learning routine.

Sense of Isolation

Online learning platform also creates a sense of isolation because unlike traditional learning system the online education system is comparatively less interactive and creates a virtual connection for everybody. The can make the learners feel a sense of loneliness with no interaction without peers and classmates. This may lead to no socializing and a monotonous learning routine which will result in no brainstorming or enhancement of the creativity levels of an individual.

 More Time Comparing To On-Campus Learning

The online learning process usually requires more time to complete and windup as compared to the traditional learning or on-campus learning platforms. Because online learning allows students to have flexible earning schedules, students are allowed to learn at their own pace, they can choose their availability and schedule that is convenient to them for examination and project submission ad much more. All these aspects contribute a lot in making the whole online learning process delayed and more time-consuming as compared to the traditional learning methods that are executed by the given timelines.

No Sense of Check and Balance

Learning online doesn’t come up with any rigid or strict instructions to follow which may prove beneficial sometimes to keep yourself on track while learning. The online learning process leaves it up to you from designing your learning platform to ensure all your educational goals are being met as there is no sense of check and balance on students being sitting at home.

Summing Up!

Learning online is indeed quite challenging because it allows students to find their inner will and motivation to stay on track while learning through online mediums.

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