Introducing God of Musician

What exactly is meant by “God of Musician”?

On the Polygon blockchain, the God of Musician (GOM) leaderboard is the first decentralized financial music ranking system.

Its objective is to become the first and most equitable economic model for the decentralized funding of music.

The current value of the digital music business is estimated to be over $12 billion, which is far more than the value of the NFT market; but, for how much longer…

Utility on the chain itself

Since a long time ago, musicians have voiced their disapproval of the current method of financial compensation, and in recent years, many well-known musicians, including Calvin Harris and The Weeknd, have advocated for the decentralization of the music industry through the use of blockchain technology.

The Weeknd has made public his collaboration with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance to produce the first crypto-powered global tour. This tour will assist bridge the gap between the on-chain and off-chain experiences.

Do these famous people have information that you don’t have?

The technology of non-fungible tokens will fundamentally alter the ways in which we own music, distribute it, and listen to it. This technology is becoming more accessible to music makers and the people who like their work thanks to new initiatives like God of Musician.

GOM will combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a new kind of cryptocurrency token ($GOM) in order to provide artists the ability to issue lyrics, melodies, songs, and even whole albums or playlists as NFTs and, as a result, own and profit from these works of creative expression.

Beginning Your Mining Career with GMiner:

GMiner is the pioneering first release of the GOM project, and it is currently open for astute investors to participate in; all one has to do is link their wallet and pay using MATIC. At this time, it is the only means for users of the site to produce their own GOM NFTs and tokens, and it is required for them to do so.

GMiner consists of a total of three grades, which are Newbie, Talent, and Pro, and it assigns a certain quantity of stamina to each degree. You have the ability to mine tokens each day that are equivalent to a specific quantity of stamina.

The maximum number of GOM coins that may be produced in a day by all GMiners combined is 200,000.

In addition, the amount of gold mined will determine the cap placed on the number of GMiner sales.

The white list and its most recent update are coming very soon. GMiners are going to be eligible for a plethora of extra prizes and advantages throughout the course of time. Some examples of these include future voting privileges, gamification, and staking bonuses.


Outside of using GMiner, the only other option to get a GOM token distribution is through participating in an ongoing airdrop event that is being hosted by the Gleam campaign.

Utilization in everyday life:

Because of the on-off lockdowns that have occurred over the past two years, music fans are able to enjoy live performances to a greater extent than ever before. Participants in the GOM ecosystem, particularly those who use GMiner, are able to receive tremendous benefits such as invitations to festivals, concerts, and performances.

What about issues of safety and protection?

The GOM team is of the opinion that decentralization is superior in terms of safety, transparency, and security than centralized exchange-based NFT trading. As a result, they have chosen Polygon as their blockchain of choice because to the advantages it provides in terms of speed and cost.

In the end, it will support all chains, however for now, it only supports ETH and BSC.

Is there a map to follow?

Whitepaper may be downloaded by clicking the link above. Yes, there is a roadmap, and it is rather thorough.

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