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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Some ways to speed up your website speed

Nowadays, each company wants to attract its website visitors by providing an excellent user experience. With the evolving technology, the users are becoming increasingly frustrated; many are not prepared to wait for two seconds to load.

A slow site speed prevents visitors because if they are disappointed with your page speed, they can turn to your rivals. With today’s rapidly changing consumer behaviours, it’s impossible to ignore the value of site speed.

This article will explain why website speed is necessary, the benefits of website speed, and some ways to speed up your website speed.

Why Is Website Speed Necessary?

Page speed, also recognized as website speed, refers to how long it takes a browser to load completely functioning WebPages from any site.

Users can abandon websites or pages that take too long to load in a browser. Simultaneously, sites that load quickly would attract more website visitors, leading to higher conversion rates.

Some Benefits of Website Speed & Performance

Here are several benefits of website speed & performance, which we include:

The first impression is the last impression

The first impression of your site is necessary for assessing how users view your company and brand. Clients or website users take an immediate decision about the company based on their experience with the site.

If your site has a quick page load speed, you have instantly made a decent first impression. A website, which loads quickly impresses the customer and makes him comfortable and fulfilled. Users believe that quick sites are more professional and reliable due to introductory psychology. People have recognized how to relate speed with productivity.

Simultaneously, a sluggish site is perceived as insecure and disloyal. When people create a negative impression, it is pretty hard to convince them to change their thoughts. Approximately 80 percent of online buyers have agreed that they will not revisit a site if they encounter it takes too long to load.

Direct effect on Google ranking

Your site speed has a significant impact on your Google search engine ranking. Google has stated that they want to make sure that the web is high-speed, easy to use, and extremely helpful.

Since 2010, Google has been using website pace as among the primary ranking factors in their algorithm. The website pace shows how quickly a site reacts to online requests made by users.

Google suggests a page load speed of fewer than 3 seconds for sites on both mobile and desktop. Although, it claims that the current average loading time for sites is about 22 seconds.

Since the search engine behemoth recognizes that diverting users to slow-loading sites would negatively affect the user interface, it offers a high value on page speed while deciding their search engine rankings.

Conversion rate

Several studies have proved that the speed of a site has a significant impact on a company’s conversion rate. Users tend to remain on fast-loading sites than slow-loading sites, leading to higher conversions. Most businesses have realized that even a decrease of some milliseconds in the page loading leads to far more conversions:

Mobify reduced its page loading time by 100 milliseconds, leading to a 1.11 percent rise in session-based conversions. Likewise, Walmart announced that by raising their page time by just one second, they saw a 2% rise in conversion.

Bounce rate

The number of visitors who abandon a site after seeing more than one page is referred to as the bounce rate. Users have been observed closing the window or leaving the area when the page they wanted to see didn’t load within just a few seconds.

BBC announced that with every additional second it took for their pages to load, they started losing 10 percent of their total customers.

Some Ways to Improve Your Website Speed

Here are several ways to improve your website speed which we include:

1. Install a WordPress caching plugin

WordPress pages are “vibrant.” It implies that they are designed on the fly whenever someone views a post or page on your site.

WordPress must run a process to figure out the necessary details, bring it all together, and then show it to the user to create your pages.

This procedure has many measures, and it can slow down your site if you have many users visiting it at the same time.

That is why we suggest that every WordPress site use a caching plugin. Caching can boost the speed of your WordPress website by 2x to 5x.

2. Optimize website images

Images give life to your content and boost involvement. According to research, using colored graphics increases the probability of people reading your content by 80 percent.

If your images are not optimized, then they can be harmful more than supporting. In reality, non-optimized images are among the most common speed problems that we can see on beginner sites.

We advise that you use photo editing tools to optimize your photos for the website before uploading them directly from your mobile or camera.

Such images can have large file sizes in their original formats. However, depending on the image file format and compression settings you select in your editing applications, you can minimize the size of your image by up to 5x.

3. Keep up-to-date

WordPress is constantly updated as a well-structured open source project. Every update won’t include new functionalities but also patches for security vulnerabilities and bugs. Your WordPress theme and plugins can also have daily updates.

You must keep your WordPress website theme and plugins up-to-date like a site owner. Not doing this can cause your website sluggish and unstable and leave you prone to security risks.

Some Key Takeaways

A website with a slow loading speed can cause visitors to leave your site and return to the search results, where they may end up accessing the competitor’s site.

You must make sure that your site loads quickly so that customers don’t lose faith and keep browsing your site. With decent page speed, you can also be able to boost your search engine ranking.

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