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How to choose your bedsheet in right way?

Most people have no idea how to assess the quality of a sheet. They don’t know the difference between microfiber, cotton, mesh, satin or silk. They don’t understand why some sheet manufacturers specify yarn counts and others don’t. They also don’t understand why some sheets create bubbles after a while of use, while others stay smooth for much longer.

If you are one of the people who have these doubts when buying bedding sets, to try to reduce them, let’s talk a little about it here too.

There are sheets made of various types of fabrics, such as microfiber, cotton, mesh, thread, satin and silk. Regardless of the type of fabric you choose, always give preference to those that are 100% of the same material. Generally, fabrics that mix materials in their manufacture create balls and become rough over time.

How much the thread count should be?

Regarding the amount of yarn, or weight, the greater this amount, the softer the sheet will be. A 400 thread count sheet will be softer and more satiny than a 180 thread count bed sheet. Or, for knitted sheets, the heavier the knit, the softer and stronger the sheet will be. Therefore, the price is almost always proportional to this number, that is, the greater the weight of the fabric, the more expensive it will be to manufacture the sheet.

Manufacturig technology has evolved a lot in recent years, so some myths about sheets, which were valid in the past, are no longer. For example, many consumers do not like knitted sheets because in the past they invariably created balls, with the evolution of technology, the best quality knits now have an anti-peeling treatment (a treatment that aims to eliminate loose fibers from the fabric, thus becoming more resistant to washes and daily use), which ensures that bubbles no longer form. Knitted sheets have also come a long way in quality and are now also soft and durable and great for any season.

Which is the best fabric?

Another myth is that only Egyptian cotton or silk sheets are good. The percale (cotton) sheets with a high number of threads can currently be compared to these, which are considered the best, and with much more affordable prices for products made here.

In some regions of the country, microfiber sheets are very popular, while in others they are not used very much. They are low cost sheets, produced with synthetic fiber and very light. They are easy to wash, dry very quickly and do not need to be ironed. They are usually a little smaller than cotton sheets. There is no standard for sizes, it depends on the factory and if it has folded or not. If you prefer sheets that extend over the bed and are not scarce, you should check the measurements very well before buying. All sheets will fit the size of bed they are intended for, but some will be more and some less.

Choose according to your mattress

Another important factor regarding the measurements of the sheets is the height of the mattress. There are bedding sets made for use with foam mattresses and others to be used with spring mattresses. Among those produced for spring mattresses, there are still several heights available on the market, so measure the height of your mattress before buying the sheets to be used on it. Knowing if your bed is a single, half double (king single), double, queen or king is also essential to define the correct size of the sheet.

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