How To Choose a Sales & Marketing B2B Data Provider In Singapore?

B2B Data Provider In Singapore

Earlier, data providers were experts who sold contact information. However, the industry has transformed, and they have become end-to-end functionally-equipped solutions, allowing sales teams to identify, contact, and sell to target buyers. 

Whether an organization needs intent data, fit data, or opportunity data, data providers are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Considering the numerous B2B database providers in the marketplace, each claiming to be more accurate than the others, how does one know which one to choose? Here, we will look at the most crucial things one must consider while selecting a database provider in Singapore.

Data Accuracy

Before opting for a database provider, ask them about their data accuracy. Once collected, the data degrades at a fast pace each month. So, never expect it to be 100% accurate. Therefore, choose a database provider who is honest about their database’s accuracy. Besides that, inquire about the ways and sources through which they collect, segment, and update their database and try to understand their data maintenance policy. For the legal part, ensure that their data is anti-spam compliant to get an extra edge.

Data Compliance

Buyers are most concerned about data compliance and privacy. Witnessing the authorities introducing new rules and regulations globally each year, it’s crucial to work with a database provider that fulfills the digital demand generation of international regulators. 

As a standard rule, ask them if they are registered with international or national regulators in Singapore. Do they use compliant storage and CRM software? Does their data fulfill B2B consent requirements? Do they collect necessary data only for legitimate interests? Non-compliance penalties are harsh, so thoroughly investigate the database provider’s compliance rules.

Guarantee of Deliverability

When a sales team invests in customer data, they expect it to help meet their B2B marketing goals. And when the team avails services of B2B database providers, they expect a guarantee of deliverability. So, before selecting a data provider, ask them about their deliverability guarantee rate. Also, ask what happens if the marketing messages do not deliver as expected and what actions they will take if the message remains undelivered.

Customization Options

Every organization has unique goals and challenges. So, the database should be flexible to suit different business objectives and perspectives. Before choosing a data provider, check if they provide a customizable database with multiple offerings. The company should understand the client’s business needs and provide data solutions that comply with their sales and marketing goals. For instance, check if their database is flexible with geographical locations, scalable, and has NAICS and SIC codes.

Customer Service

After ensuring data accuracy and deliverability guarantee, customer service is next to check. The organization may face multiple difficulties during and after the digital demand generation. Remember, the client will need to work closely with the data provider. Without excellent service, all the previous efforts will be wasted. 

Therefore, always pick a database provider that offers timely and error-free customer support and service. One way is to check the provider’s NPS (Net Promoter Score). Ranging from -100 to 100, it effectively measures a company’s customer satisfaction rate.

Finding the best B2B database providers is not a cakewalk. While having an efficient data provider can successfully complement a marketing campaign, a single misstep may cost the business objectives terribly. However, the above tips will help quickly find the best data provider in Singapore.


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