How does commercial laundry service work?

It is common knowledge that no one enjoys doing the laundry, even if it’s just once a week. Also, most folks do not have the time to do it as they juggle between family responsibilities and work. As a result, commercial laundry services have become highly sought-after nowadays.

An increasing number of people look up “laundry drop off near me” on their mobile phones to find the best laundromat in their locality. They choose a professional service provider from the search results, depending on their specific needs.

The great thing about the commercial laundry industry is that it has grown over the years, offering customers more than just washing services. Furthermore, these are essential services that are very affordable to ordinary people.

Take a look at the following facets of these services to understand better how they have grown and how useful they truly are.

Popular services

Commercial laundry companies follow strict guidelines to ensure clothes are dirt, debris, and germ-free. This is extremely important, especially for hospitals, hotels, and factories that need clean bedding, tablecloths, and other essentials every day.

Moreover, professional laundry services provide a range of services to suit the needs of all their clients. So, whether you have the regular load from a standard household, or are looking for a commercial laundry service to launder big loads of laundry for your restaurant, hotel, or hospital, laundry services can handle everything.

  • Wash and fold

Arguably the most sought-after one, this is a basic laundry service, where everyday dirty laundry load goes into the washing machine. You can send in daily use items such as socks, towels, t-shirts, pants, gym sweats, and even bedsheets for a wash and fold service. All the clothes are washed in cold water using chemical-free detergents, dried on medium heat, and then returned to you neatly folded.

  • Launder and press

This type of service is best if you have expensive, delicate clothes that need to be thoroughly cleaned. For example, you can use this particular service to get your cocktail dresses, tailored suits, button-down apparel, and other business attire laundered clean.

The clothes are first pre-spotted for any stains they may have, washed in eco-friendly detergent, partially dried, and then placed on a pressing machine. A post-press inspection is made to ensure all wrinkles and creases are pressed out before they are delivered to the client.

  • Wash and hang dry

While the wash and hang-dry laundry service is a good option for almost all your clothes, it is best suited for delicate swimwear, nylon fabrics, activewear. That’s because these fabrics tend to snag, stretch, or get twisted up when placed in a dryer. Therefore, air-drying is the apt choice for such clothes.

  • Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process that uses eco-friendly liquid solvents instead of water to remove tough stains from clothes.

But what type of clothes are dry cleaned? You can dry clean any fabric such as wool, synthetics, silk, and particular linens that tend to distort, shrink, or lose colors. You can also dry clean items that have delicate buttons and other embellishments requiring additional care.

Easy accessibility

Regardless of where you live, if you type “laundry drop off near me” on your phone, you are bound to find several commercial laundry places in your vicinity. That’s how common these beneficial services have become.

Going a step further than just washing clothes, professional laundry companies now offer pickup and delivery services. This is an immense boon to people who do not have the time to drop their laundry off at the cleaners. All they have to do is schedule a pickup and drop-off time.

Laundry business trends

As the commercial laundry industry expands, an increasing number of service providers are improving how they conduct their business. Here are the critical areas they are focusing on:

  • Customer-centric service – Most reliable laundry services understand that they need to pay attention to customer satisfaction and feedback. Only then can they make the changes necessary to succeed. For instance, if many clients find the current mode of payment difficult, it may be time to introduce more accessible methods of transaction.
  • Eco-friendly equipment – Besides chemical-free detergents, many laundromats are now investing in low water wash systems that save water and energy consumption. These changes are helping them save money in addition to being environmentally friendly.
  • Improved business intelligence – An excellent thing about the latest upgrades in laundry technology is that almost everything can be measured. There are washing machines that can measure water pressure, chemical data, and electricity, among other things.

By utilizing these sophisticated software solutions and employing an active approach to utility usage, commercial laundry places are growing more successful by the day.


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