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Honest Review of FollowersBase – Buying Instagram Followers in 2022?

If you find FollowersBase somewhere on Google search, Social Media Post, or on a Google Ad about getting real Instagram followers. I am going to review it here so you can consider it before buying any service from this website.

I am social media marketer and help my clients to grow social media profiles (Business and personal). I came across this site from a Google Ad that promised to provide me with real Instagram followers instantly which is exactly what I was looking for. So I bought 10000 Instagram followers Plan from to test this service.

Order Placement Experience:

 It was very smooth and easy to place an order. It just took me a minute to place it from my master card. I got email confirmation as well.

The best part is they did not ask for the password or login access. I just provide the username of my Instagram account.

buy instagram followers


Okay, So I start getting followers on my client’s Instagram account just after 2 hours of order placement. They mentioned it may take 24 hours to proceed order but in my case, it was very quick.

I did not get all followers instantly, it was real and I got followers for about 7 days and even later. This was good because it keeps your account safe and legit.

I got actually more than 10000 followers which were promised so I was glad they over-delivered.

Followers Stay Longer or Not?

I bought these followers about 3 months ago and still, I have the same number of followers on my client’s account. Engagement is a bit lowered since we do not post regular new content may be. But followers are staying and we have not faced any such type of issue.

Account Safety:

Yes, our account is safe so far. I did not get any warning or legal action from Instagram. no signs of any issue. The account looks safe and healthy. The reach of previously followed followers is also the same.

Why we bought these Instagram Followers:

The reason why my client wants to buy followers is because we want to get verified with a blue tick and that requires some good amount of followers on your public account and some News publications. So to fulfill these criteria we bought it from an authentic source. We don’t want to get banned from Instagram by purchasing some cheap robots followers.

Another reason to buy 10K followers is that we want to enable our swipe-up link option on Instagram. This option is only enabled if you reach the 10K+ followers milestone.

FollowersBase Legit or Not?

Yes, it is legit. You can buy from them with confidence. FollowersBase thelifetimenews is a registered LLC company in the UK and you can claim your refund in case of any issue or even if you are not satisfied.

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