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Instagram has transformed from being a popular kids app to an effective advertising and marketing social platform that companies can leverage to network and advertise to an audience.

With more than 1 billion people using it, it boasts the highest level of engagement compared with other social media platforms.

This is why more brands are using Instagram to broaden their reach and improve their exposure. But businesses, on the other hand, might struggle to gain followers. We look at ways you can increase your following without cost.

1. Determine your objectives

It is a platform you can use to build brand awareness and increase conversions or the number of visitors to your site. The early definition of your goals is crucial to getting the most appropriate Instagram followers.

When a business showcases its products, for instance, it could be oblivious to communicating its culture to followers, one of the most critical aspects of engaging customers.

You can choose to increase the number of posts highlighting your company’s culture, employees, or their lives at work—specifying the goals you wish to accomplish and observing whether the plan succeeds in reaching that goal.

2. Create a compelling and coherent brand story

After you’ve established a company account on Instagram, It’s natural to describe your identity, what you do, and why you do it. People will follow your account based on your promise, and all images, stories, or posts you publish should align with that message.

If you begin posting random content, there’s an apparent disconnect, and you’ll risk losing the confidence of your fans. Your brand’s story must be constant and consistent with the content you publish on your feed.

It’s essential that your story is coherent and aligns with the other content you publish in your feed.

3. Share engaging content

A well-written post can entice users to like, share and leave comments on your content. This type of engagement boosts your reach and the amount of Instagram followers who follow your account.

Therefore you shouldn’t only want to share images followed by a handful of hashtags. And it should inform, engage and entertain your readers. Engaging content should contain:

  • Statistics that pertain to your target audience
  • Instructions for use
  • Video tutorials and GIFs
  • You can also hire an author to create them.

4. Define your target audience

Knowing who your people are is an essential aspect of attracting attention. You can create content that matches their stories and interests. The process of identifying a targeted audience requires understanding their

  • Age
  • Where do they reside
  • Their job

How and when they utilize Instagram

The great thing about Social media is that you don’t need to create a new system. You can learn a few tips from businesses that have achieved success. Sometimes, you’ll have to use the same data to determine your market.

5. Create a compelling profile

An Instagram profile lets you present your business’s mission in just a few paragraphs. Even if you have only 150 characters for an appealing shape, you can use it to draw more Instagram users.

A well-designed profile will target your ideal customer base by allowing visitors to get to know your company. For instance, your profile should describe how you can help or motivate your customers to make it more personal for them.

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You could also use the profile to help your brand or business make an impression with a specific career, talent, or interest.

6. Make sure you are active through other platforms for social media

You are most likely connected to various social platforms, and you can utilize them to let your users be aware of your Instagram account. Awareness and visibility are one of the best ways to make yourself known.

Include an online link to your bio. You can also use direct CTAs or share recent Instagram images and videos. Make sure you give your followers an incentive to visit your page.

For instance, you could provide an Instagram-exclusive promo code for those who follow your page.

Alternately, you could consider promoting your social media accounts to guide users to your profile. Don’t simply ask followers to follow you. Instead, create content that is unique and will make users follow you.

7. Collaboration with relevant users

Working with other users using Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to reach new people and add value. If you have money to promote your social media account, you might consider contacting an influential person.

Influencer marketing has been proven to be a successful method of gaining more Instagram followers (comprar seguidores instagram portugal). One example of this can be found in the Swedish brand of watches Daniel Wellington who grew his followers from 850,000 to 2.1 million in just one year after he sponsored Instagram influencers.

The comprar seguidores instagram portugal boasts that it has 4.9 million followers. Instagram influencers will always mention the account with sponsored posts to draw more users to visit the reserve. Be cautious not to join too many accounts since your followership ratio reflects your credibility.

8. Join existing communities

Instagram has communities similar to the other platforms for social networking. Participating with these communities is a fantastic way to get Instagram users. Likes, comments, and shares draw attention to your Instagram account by three methods:

  • They will know that you liked or responded to their posts and will look up your profile for a favor
  • Engagement increases and helps you to appear in the Explore tab.
  • If a fan interacts with your website, the interaction will appear in the Follower Activity tab and increase your content’s visibility to new audiences.

9. Use Compelling Captions

Instagram is primarily an online platform for visuals. However, the quality of your caption is nearly as crucial as the image or video uploaded. The reason is that the caption creates the context for the photo and can help you engage your viewers.

Additionally, it allows you to display your brand’s image in a way that an idea alone won’t. Here are some suggestions for writing a captivating caption:

Be sure to put essential details before the crucial information: Instagram only displays the first 125 characters of the caption.

Therefore, getting the reader’s attention before scrolling through the post to search for additional information is vital.

Emojis can help personalize your brand’s image and attract your customers’ attention. Studies show that Instagram posts that include emojis get greater engagement than posts that do not.

10. Exploit Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can help you promote the content you post to your new fans. They’re similar to Instagram posts but are classified as sponsored tags since you must pay for these ads.

You might consider using Instagram analytics data to categorize your audience based on characteristics, location, interests, and behaviors.

With the various types of Instagram advertisements (photo ads, videos ads, stories ads, IGTV advertising, and other types), it is crucial to select the most effective advertising format to get your followers’ attention on Instagram.

Instagram Stories advertisements, for instance, are more widely seen, with more than 500 million people able to view Stories each day.

If you’re organizing a particular contest, use Facebook advertisements to expose the contest’s content to a broader audience. But consider ad spending as different costs apply to both platforms.


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