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“Kalashtar” is kalashtar an ancient race of people native to the continent of Khorvaire. They are a unique race of people with a rich and fascinating history. The Kalashtar have an affinity for magic, as well as a special connection to the spiritual realm that brings both blessings and curses upon them. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the : their mysterious origin, their physical appearance, and their unique abilities that make them stand out from other races. We’ll look at where they come from, how they fit into the world of Eberron, and most importantly, what role they can play in your campaigns. So whether you’re a D&D player or someone looking for more information on this amazing race, read on!

What is a kalashtar?

A is a race of psionic humanoids native to the continent of Adar on the planet Rilke. They have an innate connection to the dream plane, which allows them to commune with spirits and tap into powerful psychic abilities. Kalashtar are known for their wisdom, compassion, and stalwart determination in the face of adversity.

Kalashtar possess both a physical body and an astral form that exists on the dream plane. This dual existence gives them a unique perspective on reality and allows them to tap into powerful psionic abilities. When they sleep, kalashtar enter into a trance-like state where their astral form can roam the dream plane freely. It is during this time that they commune with spirits and gain much of their wisdom.

Kalashtar were once slaves of the quori, an evil race of psionic outsiders who ruled over their homeland of Adar. The quori were eventually driven out by a coalition of forces led by the themselves. This victory came at great cost, however, as many were lost in the fighting. In the aftermath of the war, the set about trying to rebuild their shattered homeland and heal the wounds of their people.

Kalashtar are gentle souls who believe in peace and cooperation above all else. They are quick to offer aid to those in need, and they work tirelessly to bring about positive change in

The history of the kalashtar

The history of the is long and complicated. They are a race that comes from the union of two different cultures: the Quori and the humans of Adar.

The Quori are aliens from another dimension who came to Khorvaire over 10,000 years ago. They were seeking a new world to conquer and enslave. The Quori found the humans of Adar and were impressed with their potential.

The Quori taught the humans of Adar how to use their psionic abilities. The humans of Adar soon became a powerful force in the world. However, they were not content with being second-best to the Quori.

The humans of Adar revolted against their masters and fought a bloody war that lasted for centuries. In the end, the humans won and drove the Quori back to their home dimension.

However, the victory was not without cost. Many of the humans who had been exposed to psionic energy were mutated by it. These mutants became known as the .

The are a proud people who have overcome great adversity. They are strong in body and mind, and they possess powerful psionic abilities. The have made a place for themselves in Khorvaire, and they will continue to fight for their place in the world.

The culture of the kalashtar

The are a spiritual people who have a strong connection to the astral plane. They are known for their serenity and wisdom, and they value peace and compassion. The are native to the continent of Adar on the planet Marr, and they have close ties to the Quori, powerful beings from the dream world. The Kalashtar believe that all beings are connected, and that we are all part of the same dream.

The culture is one of peace and compassion. They believe in the power of meditation and prayer, and they use these practices to connect with the astral plane. The also place a great emphasis on art, music, and dance. These forms of expression help them to communicate their feelings and connect with others.

The language is called Telepathic Speech, and it is a form of mental communication that allows them to share thoughts and emotions with others. This ability is closely linked to their connection to the astral plane, and it allows them to remain connected to one another even when they are physically apart.

The physical appearance of the kalashtar

The is a humanoid race with some physical features that set them apart from other humanoids. They have almond-shaped eyes that are solid black, no matter what color their irises are. Kalashtar also have a third eyelid, which is translucent and protects their eyes from the intense desert sun. Their hair is black and straight, and they often wear it short or pulled back in a tight ponytail.

Kalashtar skin tones range from light brown to almost black, and they are born with a birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon on their forehead. This mark fades as they age, but many choose to tattoo over it or otherwise accentuate it.

The abilities of the kalashtar

-The are a psionic race with many abilities.
-They have the ability to read minds, and they can also communicate with each other telepathically.
-Kalashtar also have the ability to levitate, and they can use their psionic powers to create illusions.
– Kalashtar are immune to possession, and they have resistance to psychic damage.

Kalashtar in the modern world

In the modern world, continue to serve as spiritual guides and protectors. They use their psionic abilities to help those in need and fight against evil. are also known for their creativity and artistry. Many kalashtar are musicians, artists, or writers.


From their unique history to their special powers, the kalashtar are a fascinating race. They offer a great deal of potential for any adventure or story and make for interesting characters in fantasy settings. With their strong connection to the positive energy plane, they bring with them an understanding of inner strength and resilience that can be used both in-game and out. We hope our article has been helpful in providing insight into this wonderful creature and hopefully inspired you to give these beautiful people a chance!

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