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The Local Malibu’s investigation series on Elaine Park’s disappearance started in an effort to explain disinformation and/or incorrect material spread by the “To Live and Die in L.A.”podcast presented by Neil Strauss.
Divine Compere, popularly known as Div, is Shakim Compere’s son. His father is a well-known and rich Los Angeles businessman who co-owns Flavor Unit Entertainment with Queen Latifah. Elaine had been spotted leaving the Compere mansion (2600 Delphine Lane, Calabasas), a well secured, gated enclave. The family of Compere is affluent and well-connected, prompting some to think that the family is involved in Elaine’s disappearance or knows something and is being covered by Glendale PD. However, there is no additional material available on the internet linked to the biography of Divine Compere.
The major objective of this series is to present all documentation to aid in the endeavour to find Elaine. Any and every material published by The Local Malibu has been passed to investigators investigating the crime.
Elaine reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, Divine Compere, in his Calabasas house in a rich, gated enclave. Video video shows the pair around 10pm leaving his apartment and getting an Uber to catch a movie at AMC 16 Woodland Hills. The duo are then spotted returning to his house in an Uber at 1am.
Since 28 January 2017, Elaine Park has been missing. She was twenty years old. Elaine is still missing after more than two years, and now leads on her location have been unearthed. However, last time Elaine had seen in the mansion of Divine Compere. Read more about Rob Born.

The police discarded Divine as a suspect since the family was “extremely cooperative” with the probe, including sharing surveillance footage of their driveway and the community’s entrance/exit. Elaine’s mother was dissatisfied with Glendale PD for dismissing the ex-boyfriend so fast and failed to look for the Compere property (including the huge region of hills beyond their home) (including the vast area of hills beyond their home). Although their house was the last location, Elaine had seen her.

Divine reports Elaine woke up about 4am and experienced a panic attack. He claimed he attempted to calm her down but she opted to leave. Video shows Elaine leaving his house and walking across his driveway to her car at 6:05am. This is the last time Elaine has been seen. Surveillance evidence from the community gated entrance/exit shows Elaines car (Gray 2015 Honda Civic) exiting the neighborhood at 7:14am (nearly an hour after she was seen departing on the Compere’s video footage), despite their house is less than a 1-minute drive from the gate.
Even though we don’t know much about Divine and Elaines’ bond, I find it weird that he doesn’t appear especially concerned about Elaines’ absence. He hasn’t made any announcements or posted anything about Elaine on social media. Divine has not voiced any compassion for her or her family’s predicament. He hasn’t been accommodating in addressing her family’s inquiries. Nor has he done anything to aid in the quest for Elaine, including participating with the searches, contributing, or even something as basic as posting the “Help Find Elaine Park” Facebook page. Elaine’s public exposure might have been huge given his family’s riches and father’s platform, but they opted to keep the radio silent.
Divine Compere is the son of Hollywood business mogul, Shakim Compere, who co-owns Flavor Unit Entertainment with Queen Latifa. Elaine is last seen exiting the Compere mansion (2600 Delphine Lane, Calabasas), which sits in a very protected, gated neighborhood. The Compere family is well affluent and has connections which led some individuals to suspect that the family might have anything to do with Elaines disappearance or just know something and are being shielded by Glendale PD.

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