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As any digital marketing expert will reiterate, website designing and online marketing go hand in hand! However, nowadays, so many elements can be included in your website that the selection task can prove to be pretty overwhelming for any Long Island web design company. A website design plan has to put the customer’s needs before anything else. 

There could be a host of highly interesting features at your disposal. However, the all-important question is whether they are useful to your customers! Critically, the website you are planning to design should be created with humans in mind and not robots. We look at some crucial factors to take note of when planning and developing your website. 

Provide the Right Quantity of Content

Content is king. And when you have a website of your own, the natural urge would be to paste as much information on it as possible! However, you need to remember that an average visitor will not spend more than a few minutes reading your online content. If you post truckloads of text on your web page, chances are that the reader will disconnect and leave! And they might leave before accessing the most important parts of the content, like the reason for which they would be purchasing the product, the needs addressed by it, the main considerations before purchasing the product, and so on! 

This is why content planning is extremely important. You should begin by identifying the problem and the solution from the word “go”! Once they are on your homepage, you should include your “elevator pitch” even before they can contemplate beginning scrolling. Use a couple of sentences to pinpoint the problem and the allied and associated solution provided by the company. They can begin digging deep into your website if they wish to know more about it. 

The needs of your customers and that of the search engines should be considered in tandem with each other. Your specialist for SEO near me is the best source of help for you. Search engine optimization is about including relevant keywords in your website so that the search engine can track down your website in response to a relevant query! However, make sure you always write for humans and not for robotic responses. Google has also developed ways for humanistic comprehension, and there is no reason for you to be left behind. 

Mobile Optimization

Most websites are viewed on mobile screens. Therefore, if your website has not been created with mobile optimization, you will likely lose out big time. Consider choosing a web design that is responsive to mobile viewing. The content and images should be showcased while keeping the mobile screen size and the preferred portrait mode viewing in perspective. 

Look for a service provider for web design in New Jersey with a balanced approach and a proven track record. Make sure you run a complete background check before engaging the services of any professional. 

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