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If you’re looking for a blog with an interesting take on parenting, consider Dad and Buried, written by Mike Julianelle. Its author uses a wry sense of humor to discuss the difficulties of parenting. While celebrating parental recklessness and neglect, it also encourages readers to avoid family-focused arguments. While it’s not for everyone, many readers enjoy the site’s posts with

Mike Julianelle is the author of Dad and Buried

Mike Julianelle is a thirty-something Brooklynite who recently became a parent. He uses his parenting blog to vent his frustrations and hopes others will relate. His sarcastic and humorous writing makes for entertaining reading, but parents should use caution when reading the posts. Although he tries to keep the blog family-friendly, some of his posts may be too revealing for the young ones.

The Dad and Buried blog is an informative and satirical blog about parenting that has gained a large following among parents. Some of the posts on this site are genuinely funny, but the author is also sensitive and does not mean to hurt anyone. He claims that his blog is not a “happy place” and aims to create a space for parents to talk about their experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

The content is witty and based on real life experiences of parents. It’s a great place for parents to come together and share their struggles and triumphs. In addition to sharing experiences, it also provides a place for parents to express their own opinions about parenting.

He uses sarcasm to talk about being a dad

One of the most popular parenting blogs on the internet is Dad and Buried. Founded by Mike Julianelle, this site aims to provide parents with helpful information in a nonjudgmental environment. Mike is a father of two and writes about his experiences as a father. He says being a dad is a hard job and he doesn’t take it lightly.

The website is moderated and written by Mike Julianelle, a thirty-something Brooklynite. It is a humorous blog about parenting and the struggles of being a dad. While it is not appropriate for all readers, many readers find Mike’s perspective refreshing.

The author of Dad and Buried, Mike Julianelle, is a thirty-something Brooklynite who uses his blog to vent his frustrations about parenting. As a dad, he recognizes that parenting is a struggle, but he wants to provide a safe space for parents to share their experiences.

He celebrates parental neglect and recklessness

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent is a blog written by thirty-something Brooklynite Mike Julianelle. His posts about parenting are often funny and make a great read. The blog acknowledges that parenting is a difficult job that requires countless sacrifices and is incredibly stressful. It’s not for the faint of heart, but Mike Julianelle aims to create a space where parents can express their feelings without fear of being judged.

The Anti Parenting Blog was launched by a father who identifies as a counter-parent and uses the blog as a way to express his frustrations. He recognizes that parenting is tough and stressful, and aims to create a place where readers can express their opinions without fear of judgment. Though his blog may not be for everyone, many parents appreciate the openness and honesty it offers.

While Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting blog has been around for over a decade, it is growing in popularity among parents and non-parents. This blog has helped many parents, as well as some children, deal with the stress of being a parent.

He encourages parents to avoid family-focused arguments

The Dad and Buried the Anti Parent parenting blog has been around for more than a decade, and it has become increasingly popular among parents and non-parents alike. Founded by a father, the blog is devoted to helping parents avoid arguments that are harmful to their children and their relationships. It covers a variety of topics, including preventing addictions and avoiding family-focused arguments.

The blog is written by a counter-parent who recognizes that parenting can be a tough job and a stressful profession. It offers readers a space to vent their frustrations about parenting and tries to create an environment where they don’t feel judged. The blog is a fun read for many parents, but might not be for everyone.

The Anti Parent Parenting Blog was originally a personal blog, and the author claims to be an anti-parent. This approach has caused some people to question the motives of the author. Julianelle describes himself as “cynical,” but acknowledges that he has feelings of frustration. Despite his sarcasm, he says that parenting is incredibly difficult and stressful.

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