What is mean by best woman wedding?

Each family has a designated individual responsible for all aspects of the wedding preparations, including food and decorations. By the way, although most people employ a wedding planner to help them with their wedding plans, one of the couple’s family members is usually chosen to provide guidance to the wedding planners on the couple’s preferences. It is customary for a person to be chosen from the groom’s family to be known as the man of honour or best man, whereas it is customary for a person to be chosen from the bride’s family to be known as the woman of honour or matron of honour. It is also referred to as best lady, and this particular style of wedding is referred to as best woman wedding.

The distinction between a maid of honour and a matron of honour is that there is no difference in the obligations of these two women; the only difference is that they are married. The maids of honour are the young ladies or women who are neither engaged nor married. The Matron of Honor is a female member of the wedding party who is married. Despite the fact that their roles are similar, their experiences are vastly different. A matron of honour has been through all of this previously and understands everything inside and out, but a maid of matron may be unfamiliar with the wedding process. Typically, the maid of honour or matron of honour is chosen by the bride’s sister or one of her closest friends. However, if the bride does not have a sister or if her close friends are unable to attend her wedding, she is likely to pick her mother to serve in this capacity.

Responsibilities of best woman wedding :

The maid constantly remains with the bride so that she may supply any essential thing to the bride. Some of the following crucial obligations, which are involved in best lady wedding, are as follows:

As everyone is aware, there are several festivities that take place before a wedding, such as a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. Every one of the bride’s old acquaintances is invited, and old memories are revived, and all of the preparations for the event are overseen by the maid of honour and matron of honour.

And when the bride goes to the market to get her wedding dress, she goes with her and assists her in buying all of the required items for the wedding.

Catering for the bride and groom on their wedding day should be done separately.

The bride needs assistance setting her wedding dress.

In addition to receiving a bouquet on the wedding day, which is held by the maid or matron of honour, she is also responsible for all of the gifts that have been given to the bride by numerous relatives or friends.

They should make certain that all of the decorations are to the bride’s liking in order for their wedding day to be a memorable occasion for the pair being married.

Booking resorts, hotels, or gardens in accordance with the number of guests may be made in order to organise the best woman wedding.

They should take precautions to ensure that nothing goes wrong; the maid is responsible for carrying out all of the rituals in an orderly and timely manner since the timing of customs and rituals is quite important.

The bride’s departure after the wedding is also her duty, and she must ensure that all of the needs, including all of the presents received from relatives and any other significant items that will be useful to her in her new home, are kept in her automobile.

They frequently accompany the bride to her in-laws’ home in order to look after her.

Due to her outstanding performance at previous gatherings, the same maid who was picked for the pre-wedding ceremony is almost always chosen for the post-wedding ceremony as well.

Best woman wedding is very crucial to make the day of their wedding, extraordinarily wonderful and unforgettable.

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