Best Way to Utilize and Care for your Caribbean Calcite to Radiate Positive Energy

Use Caribbean calcite if you look forward to spiritual enlightenment, change, and emotional strength. It can help you attain purposeful existence and genuine self-awareness towards ultimate self-discovery. However, before using this stone, you must understand its use and care for it. Keeping it clean ensures that you retain positive energy while reaching fulfillment.

How Should You Use the Caribbean Calcite?

The Caribbean blue calcite has an earthly brown and ocean blue color, representing the ocean. Therefore, everyone uses it differently in their personal life.

Wearing Caribbean Calcite

You can wear the Caribbean blue calcite to tap into its relaxing power, which is powerful. Considering this crystal is associated with the crown and third eye chakra, it is an amazing therapeutic energetic instrument for daily use. Wearing it also acts as a gateway to achieving knowledge, better insight, perception, and awareness.

The Caribbean calcite on your neck or wrist encourages you to engage your thoughts deeply. You can also overcome harmful impacts preventing you from appreciating the world’s beauty.

At Home or Work

You can place the Caribbean calcite gemstone in your bedroom or living room. When you have it in the corner, it promotes the goals that you want to achieve. If you value this stone’s impact on your wellbeing, you can even build a little shrine where you can add other healing elements. The vibration of this stone in your home or office persuades your purpose and improves your imagination and conviction.


The Caribbean blue calcite is the gemstone of spiritual enlightenment, change, and social competence. You can use it to meditate to reach your spiritual perspective while communicating with your spirits to achieve fulfillment.

You will be walking on a definitive path to personal identity and self-discovery. It can also improve your perceptive and telepathic talents. Besides developing imagination, awareness, and understanding, it also helps access our instincts.

How to Activate a Caribbean Calcite

You can place your Caribbean calcite in the sun for around an hour to activate it. It also radiates positive vibration that benefits your life. Ensure that you activate your gemstone before using it.

How to Clean Caribbean Calcite

Once you understand how to use the Caribbean blue calcite, you must learn how to clean it to stay healthy. When you do not clean your crystals, they can get clogged with negative energies, making them less potent.

First, you can use water to clean your calcite by gently pouring some over the crystals. You can also place the gemstones in a bowl and let the water run over them for hours for a full cleanse before you use them again.

Some people use smoke or boiling water to clear any negative energies hanging on the edges of your crystal’s surface.

How Often Should You Clean Your Caribbean Calcite

It would help if you regularly cleaned your Caribbean calcite gemstone to protect your energy. Cleansing and charging are vital for daily usage. In addition, if you wear your crystals, you should clean them daily to clear the negative energy from the day.

Your Caribbean calcite crystal should always be cleansed to radiate positive energy daily. It can be utilized in diverse ways, depending on your goal. Wearing Caribbean calcite keeps you in touch with your inner self to grow your self-awareness.

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