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A&D Mortgage, LLC is a leading direct lender that offers a wide range of loan products. They have competitive rates, fast turnaround times, and programs for all types of credit. They also offer no income verification loans for investment properties. In addition, they provide free concierge services, bank statement reviews, and marketing tools.

Stable Outlook

A&D Mortgage LLC has received a stable outlook from Fitch Ratings. The company’s assigned rating reflects its experienced management team, satisfactory loan servicing performance metrics, and effective enterprise-wide compliance management systems. It also promotes a culture of continuous improvement that drives operational and technological improvements.

A&D Mortgage has been in business for over 17 years, with its roots extending back to 1999. The company’s CEO is Max Slyusarchuk. The company was originally formed as A&D Financial Corp Inc., but rebranded in 2012. The company has originated $2.5 billion in loans, and currently services 3,608 loans.

A&D has a strong technology environment and is currently transitioning to a new servicing platform that will support its continued growth. The company’s business continuity plan includes automated failover, remote working, and secondary branch offices. In addition, A&D has an effective vendor management program.


Privately-owned A&D mortgage has a well-established business continuity plan that integrates a comprehensive risk management structure, systems, and processes. It also offers training for employees on its policies, procedures, and laws, and has a strong vendor management program. The company is also in the process of upgrading its technology platform.

A&D Mortgage has been around since 1999 and is owned by Max Slyusarchuk. It was originally known as A&D Financial Corp. and rebranded to A&D Mortgage LLC in 2012. The company began servicing small balance commercial loans in 2012 and has since originated $2.5 billion in loans. It currently has a servicing portfolio of over 3,600 loans.

The principal balance of the A&D Loan may exceed the maximum A&D Allowed Advance. In such a case, the Borrower may reduce the unpaid principal balance of the A&D Loan by depositing additional funds with the Lender. The proceeds of the A&D Loan may also be used to pay for costs or expenses.


A&D Mortgage, a mortgage lender with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, is committed to being your trusted Non-QM partner. The company is led by Carl Holman, a 20-year marketing and media relations veteran who has worked in real estate and mortgage lending for ten years. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of South Carolina.

The company provides a full range of loan products, including conventional, government, and non-QM mortgage loans. Their 24-hour turnaround time and competitive rates make them a leader in the Non-QM market. They offer free concierge services, bank statement reviews, and marketing technology to help you find the right loan for you.

Although the Non-QM market is still a niche in the mortgage industry, it is becoming a more competitive area. A&D Mortgage, a full-service lender, has extensive experience and is a market leader in this niche. Using this expertise, they offer an innovative, high-quality product.

Non-QM mortgages allow for higher lending amounts and more flexible terms. This flexibility makes them increasingly popular with both borrowers and lenders. However, the downturn affected this type of lending. While liquidity was low, most originators focused on agency products. However, non-QM loans remain a profitable and viable option.

Non-QM mortgages are designed for borrowers who don’t meet all of the criteria for a QM loan. They are especially suitable for self-employed individuals, independent contractors, independent business owners, and artists. They may not be eligible for a traditional mortgage due to their unique income qualifying circumstances or isolated credit issues.

Prime Jumbo

Prime Jumbo A&D mortgages are a unique financing option that provides financing for borrowers outside of the GSE guidelines. These loans are designed to finance the highest end homes and luxury properties, and can help those who are unable to qualify for traditional agency loans. As a result, these loans have unique underwriting and tax implications.

A&D Mortgage is one of the largest non-QM mortgage lending companies, offering a wide range of loan products to qualified borrowers. Its fast turnaround times and competitive rates set it apart from the competition. Their customer service is exceptional, and a dedicated team is available to help you navigate the loan process.

The company’s technology environment is highly efficient, and it is transitioning its servicing platform to a new platform that is more scalable and adaptable for continued growth. In addition, its servicer failover process is automated. Additionally, the company has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that incorporates pandemic planning, remote working, and secondary branch offices.

A jumbo mortgage lender will often have stricter underwriting criteria, since they are riskier to the lender. Lenders will typically require a higher FICO score and a higher DTI to approve the loan. Lenders may also require a higher down payment than for a conventional mortgage, such as 20%. In addition, they will require additional assets to cover missed payments and bump the interest rate to cover the risk.

Construction Line

The Construction Line A&D mortgage is a form of construction financing. It allows developers to borrow a certain amount to finance a particular project. It is a popular type of construction financing. The terms of a Construction Line A&D mortgage can vary, but there are a few common elements.

A Construction Line A&D mortgage allows developers to borrow a certain amount and repay it over a set period of time. In this case, the development time is 12 months. The appraiser expects to sell 40 units within three years. The borrower would repay the loan once the fortyth unit is settled. However, to make the project complete, the borrower will have to curtail the A&D loan by six lots each month during the first 24 months and the final 30 months.

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