About Manklot Clothing Brand

Manklot is a clothing brand that claims to deliver clothes online. They have a Facebook page in the name of Manklot. store, with the help of which they advertise their products and attract more customers.

But if you visit their Facebook page and see their customer review it is not in the favor of the Manklot. It’s mean that is a fake website and you don’t need to trust them very quickly.

They always label a very reasonable price on clothes. The reason for this is to attract more people but they are just scammers and you will never receive your product/order.

Manklot Review

If you are in search of Manklot Review that whether this site is legal or just fake you need to read the below some customer comments on this website.

  1. My order takes forever to come. I did send them emails and messages on Facebook asking about the shipment but no come back from them.
  2. Never buy anything from this site. It’s just a scam. I still didn’t get my order placed a month ago.
  3. Where is my order? Says, multiple customers. It means that they don’t receive their order even after purchasing it.

But on the contrary, if you look to the about of manklot they claim that Manklot provides fast fashion with designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers will identify all the latest fashion trends and check every detail of product quality.

Generally how to know which website is good for shopping

Nowadays where you can buy anything from home just by ordering it online, you can also face problems like Manklot. Such websites just want to scam you and get money from you through illegal methods. There are some steps just follow it before going to buy something from unknown websites 

  • Usually, websites like Manklot offer you a huge discount. The main reason is that they just want to attract more customers by giving them more facilities. So in this case you need to first confirm whether you are going at right way or not.
  • The second common thing in fake websites is that they don’t share their personal information on the website. The information or location which they display for the customers is usually fake and unreachable.
  • A real shopping website is always in the favor of customers and they never want to decrease their customer graph in the market. So if you mention any problem with such shopping websites they will reply to you and also solve the problem for you. But in the case of fake shopping sites like Manklot, you will never receive any help from them.
  • Also, search for the commercial address rather online. Because most real websites also add their real address on websites. If you don’t find the address then think about it. Read more about Mygroundbizaccount.


After well-known research, our team will not recommend manklot for shopping. Because of Manklot negative Review and zero customer satisfaction. So do not trust such websites and keep away from them.

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