A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Hybrid Trade Shows

Do you also wish to create a trade show that caters to not only physical but also to an online audience from across the world?

Just like how a coin has two sides, so does the choice when it comes to choosing the trade shows. While some people thoroughly enjoyed the virtual idea of trade shows, some missed the physical essence of it.

These two poles of choices gave rise to hybrid trade show. These have given rise to a new opportunity for networking to the audience and have helped in broadening their reach too.

This blog will give you a complete tour of how you can strategize your hybrid tradeshows from ideas to best practices to tools.

To learn more about it, keep reading.

Innovative Ideas To Make Your Hybrid Trade Show A Big Hit

1.   Choose The Correct Platform

The first step of hosting a trade show is choosing the right platform.

You should look for a platform that serves all your needs as well as that of your attendees.

Just like how in any offline setting you look for the perfect platform that caters to all the needs required in the trade show. Similarly, you need one for your hybrid trade show too.

Look for a platform that is compatible with your objectives and comprehensively offers all the solutions for your show.

Make sure to draft a planning structure in advance so that it is easy to make the correct choice.

2.   Pre Plan A Structure For The Show

Making last-minute changes and taking impulsive decisions are definitely not going to work when it comes to virtual events.

You should pre-plan the entire structure and should decide what all to incorporate in the hybrid trade show.

Being a mixture of both offline and online events, make sure to integrate all the ideas that align well with the hybrid trade show.

For instance, displaying your event’s social wall both on the venue as well as on the virtual platform.

3.   Offer Technical Support

Do not forget to provide assistance related to all the technicalities of your hybrid event show. Make sure to have separate tech teams working for both offline and online attendees.

Making a tech team help both the exhibitors and the attendees would aid in the smooth play of the event.

Practices To Organize Your Hybrid Trade Show

1.   Display A Social Wall To Increase Engagement

Displaying a social wall at your hybrid trade show helps in bringing both offline and online audiences together.  It is true that a social wall does it all.

It is one of the best ways to bring out your social media content and display it to the audience. It keeps your attendees engaged throughout the event.

The best thing is that you can showcase a variety of content from social media content to UGC, announcements, real-time updates, custom posts, offers, and much more.

2.   Creative Gamification

Getting a hold of your audience is one of the biggest challenges especially when half of them are virtually attending the show.

One of the best ways to keep them engaged is by introducing creative gamification. This not only helps in enhancing engagement but also bridges the gap between the offline and online audience.

Organizers can throw many contests, polls, interactive games and so much more.

3.   Live Chat Option For Better Interaction

The major thing to keep in notice while organizing a hybrid trade show is to look after not only the offline but also the online audience.

Managing both the audiences and keeping the ongoing interaction between the two is very important.

To overcome this situation, you can enable a live chat option for your audience. This has dual benefits. Firstly it will help in getting the queries of the attendees solved in real-time.

Secondly, it will help in the interaction between the physical and virtual audiences.

You can launch an app for the same. This will create your event awareness too.

Best Tools For Hybrid Trade Show

While organizing a hybrid trade show, it is important to incorporate all the relevant tools that align well with your show.

On the basis of your audience size, activities involved, the objective of the rade show, you need to choose the tools wisely.

Since it is a hybrid trade show, you might need multiple tools. For instance, social media integration tools, live streaming tools, engagement tools, etc.

Following are the lists of tools that would help you in the smooth conduction of the trade show.

  • Virtual Trade Platforms- vFairs, Hexafair, Dreamcast, GoExhibit, etc.
  • Social Media Tools- Everwall, Taggbox Display, Tint,, Crowdscreen, etc.
  • Live Streaming Tools- Zoom, Wirecast, Facebook live, Streamyard, etc

Call For A Wrap Now!

So here was the list of tools, ideas, and practices on how to go with the hybrid trade show.

Since now you have a complete guide from scratch to finish regarding the hybrid trade show, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and organize a stunning show.

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