5 Reasons You Need Regular Car Washes

As an Michigan auto wash we’ve got the rigors of the harsh winters, the bug-ridden summers, and everything between. Everyone is enthralled by the appearance of a freshly cleaned vehicle but there are more advantages from traditional car wash services than one might believe.

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The Dirt Dragon Is Awe-inspiring!

It’s true that dirty cars can do more than simply look dirty. In time, dirt that is left on the vehicle’s surface can cause harm. Caked-on dirt can cause scratches on the surface of the vehicle. In time, the tiny scratches can become chips that can develop into corrosion.

With summer’s heat approaching baking-on dirt and mud may reduce the protective coating of the vehicle body, which could cause fading of the paint.

Higher Flex Efficiency

Did you realize that a clean vehicle is more efficient in fuel consumption? Tests have revealed the fact that clean vehicle can be up to 10% more efficient than a car that is dirty. Dirt causes drag, which results in burning more fuel.

Clean Cars Save You Drive!

As an Michigan car wash has seen windows covered in frost with bug-splattered windows, and much more. Any obstruction to the view of drivers could create a dangerous driving situation. RainGuard was demonstrated to improve response time in extreme circumstances by one second. That’s FOUR car lengths! Make sure it’s clean and make sure it’s secure!

Lower Maintenance Costs

Clean car is an efficient vehicle. From the underneath to the windshield: Clean cars are a key component of a well-maintained vehicle. Dirt, mud and grime may build up on car components and over time result in them deteriorating. A clean vehicle can extend the lifespan of your vehicle and also improve its performance.

It Looks Great!

Being in a clean, fresh car can be a wonderful feeling! It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to an important appointment or on your way to a first date or just about anywhere else you’d rather arrive in an uncluttered, freshly cleaned vehicle?

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