Where to Buy Best Cotton Fabric in Pakistan

In the majority part of Pakistan, summers remain most of the year. More than half of the year is full of hot and humid weather, fun, right. To counter this hot weather, we wear light and breathable clothes. Half-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, and shalwar kameez are our best friends in this hot weather. Cotton clothes work best in this type of weather.

Cotton is abundant in Pakistan both pure and mixed, you just need to know what real cotton feels like to identify it. There are many stores in Pakistan that sell cotton cloth or they say they do. Many vendors provide mixed material worth the price of cotton that is unfair and a bad business ethic. Here are some authentic and verified brands that sell pure cotton material.

Gul Ahmed

One of the most popular brands in Pakistan, Gul Ahmad has certainly made its mark in the textile industry over the years. The company started its trading textile industry at the start of the 1900s and they have come a long way. At Gul Ahmed one can buy all sorts of materials for making clothes. There are multiple varieties and types of material.

There are a lot of colors to choose from. You can even buy ready-made cotton kurtas for both men and women if you do not wish to go through the hassle of getting it stitched. Gul Ahmed is a very trusted and authentic brand. Their material has always been premium and exactly as they advertise it to be.

Miandad Fabrics

A brand of S.M Sons (Pvt) Ltd, Miandad Fabrics is introducing a wide range of colorful and vibrant fabrics in Pakistan. S.M Sons (Pvt) Ltd was founded in mid of 2000 so they are not new to the textile industry.

With years of experience and skill on their back S.M Sons (Pvt) Ltd has come up with a brand that provides the public with premium fabric.

Miandad Fabrics offers the purest cotton fabric in lots of different colors. With the experience of more than 15 years of fabric making, you will find fabric of the highest grade and quality at Miandad Fabrics. Head on over to their site to get an idea of the fabric and the range of colors they offer.


Lawrencepur is another very old and prestigious Fabric brand in Pakistan. Lawrencepur has been around for a long time and their quality is unapparelled. The company was founded in 1964, its mission then was to make Lawrencepur a top brand for men’s wear in the world. This is where the businessman of early times would have their suits made.

Their fabric would go on for years and still wouldn’t show any signs of wearing out. Their prices are higher than most brands but they are worth it. Just by looking at their fabric and its quality you can tell how experienced and skilled the makers are. Still today, Lawrencepur is regarded as the best brand for buying premium fabric in Pakistan.


You might have heard about Specter before. Yes, you are absolutely right. Specter is one of the top Pakistani online fashion stores with more than 40 brands and 8000 products. And of course, it also has a huge range of clothing wear brands including BTW, Khaas, Seroli, Ketifa, and more.

These brands have not only made to the list of premium quality fabric but also offer versatile textures and designs. Read more about Kipsave.

So, if you are looking for the best brands to buy cotton fabric. The above-mentioned ones are highly recommended due to their exceptional reviews and rating!

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