Fancy Ajrak print blouse design images for Cotton saree

Whenever you go to attend any function people sees your dressing sense because your first impression is your dress. If you have done very light makeup but your dressing sense is good then you can grab all the attention of the people. Either investing in costly makeup or investing in clothes because it would help you look more beautiful. Blouses are the main key in any traditional outfit and women of India wear blouses from thousands of years and it’s very comfortable. Not every girl can look beautiful in western but can look traditional when they wear a saree. It enhances the beauty of women 100 times.

Multiple colour floral printed blouse

Floral printed blouses all over the blouse and multiple colours on the hand area are perfect for summer functions because of flowers. Flowers give a vibe of summer and it’s eye-catching also. Round cut back design is trending in every second site even Bollywood celebrities wear these kinds of Ajrakh printed blouses. The trend of these will never get old and I am sure that every girl will love these patterns. Perfect work all over the blouse if paired with silver-plated jewellery will shock everyone and people will give you many compliments about your dressing sense.

Nude and brown  unique printed design

  This unique design of blouse you will never find anywhere is a very soft and elegant design with a pinch of white and orange sprinkled all over the blouse. Can Pair up with any simple red saree or brown saree. That three bow Design gives a unique look to the blouse. Girls who are looking for simple as well as stylish blouses would be the best choice for you. If you know how to style any boring outfit into a classy outfit this design can help you Pair up with western as well as Indian sarees.

Black and Red printed blouse design

Black colour is every girl’s best friend and can Pair up with any colour in your collection. Off-shoulder and unique cross-cut design on the back will give you a bold look. Paisley printed designs can never get old. Every 2nd woman will have these types of patterns of blouse and saree because of its unique design, women’s are wearing these types of printed designs for many years and it’s never going to get old or out of fashion.  The mixture of black and red is fabulous if Paired up with any jewellery.  You can wear this at any family function and flaunt it everywhere.

Multiple colour floral pattern design blouses

The Mountain design of the hands looks very unique and different from all the Ajrak blouses I have seen, very unique and floral printed design will enhance your beauty. Multiple colour blouses are best for the girls who don’t want to spend money and want only one cloth to wear in multiple different functions then this would be the best for you one blouse in many styles.

Floral printed blouse design

These unique designs and cutwork on the back of the blouse will attract everyone towards you. Heavy work is for bold women. Half sleeves would be best for summers. You can pair these blouses with any light saree and some jewellery. Do some light makeup and you are good to go and rock at the party.

Red and Black printed blouse design

 What a gorgeous and beautiful pattern in these blouses! Look at the cut on the front of the blouse; it’s looking very pretty. A combination of red and black colours is fabulous. Half sleeves blouse design is the love of every girl and everyone’s eyes will look only at you when you wear this.


Blouses with printed designs are the best of all the designs in the market, very unique, elegant and heavy work all over the blouse. Every girl wants to look beautiful and these designs will give them a beautiful look. Jewellery is the game changer if you wear these with your favourite jewellery and will look beautiful. All the Ajrakh designs can be worn in any type of function and party and especially in summers because of half sleeves and floral printed designs.

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